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Tuc Watkins - Actor Profile and Biography


Tuc Watkins - Actor Profile and Biography

Tuc Watkins

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Character on 'One Life to Live':

David Vickers (Buchanan)

Date of First Appearance on OLTL:

David Vickers first appeared in Llanview in 1994.

Date of Birth and Full Name:

Charles Curtis “Tuc” Watkins III was born on September 2, 1966, in Kansas City, Kansas.

Martial Status:


Interesting Facts for Tuc Watkins:

  • Watkins is 6'2".
  • Has a younger sister, born in 1968, named Courtney.
  • Likes to buy and sell (flip) homes in his spare time.
  • Appeared in commercials for Miller Beer, the US Navy and Snickers.
  • Watkins co-founded the theater group The-All-U-Can-Eat Players.
  • When Watkins needed to learn his lines for OLTL he’d stare at his border collie, Blue, who sat there until Tuc got them right.
  • On September 21, 2005, Watkins survived the emergency landing of JetBlue flight 292.
  • Once worked part-time as a housepainter.

Tuc Watkins TV Roles:

Desperate Housewives (Bob Hunter, 2007-2008)
One Life to Live (David Vickers, 1994 - present)
Cold Case (Felton Metz '38, 2007)
The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman (Josh, 2007)
13 Graves (Lawrence, 2006)
All My Children (David Vickers, 2005)
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Marcus Remmick, 2002)
Six Feet Under (Trevor, 2002)
Family Law (Sean Santoro, 2001)
Beggars and Choosers (Malcolm Laffley, 1999-2001)
Miracle in Lane 2 (God/Bobby Wade, 2000)
NYPD Blue (Derrick, 2000)
C-16: FBI (Jimmy Rooney, 1997-1998)


Point View Terrace (Freddy Hayes, 2008)
The Good Shepard (Sound Technical Officer, 2006)
Infested (Carl, 2002)
The Mummy (Mr. Burns, 1999)
Little Sister (uncredited, 1992)


Point View Terrace (2008) (TV) (executive producer)


Soap Opera Digest - Nomination for Favorite Couple (shared with Robin Strasser) - 2005
Soap Opera Digest - Nomination for Favorite Return - 2005
Soap Opera Digest Award - Outstanding Male Scene Stealer - One Life to Live - 1996
Logue Drama Award - Boys’ Play - 1992

Overview and Biography of Tuc Watkins:

Tuc Watkins plays the comical, well chiseled con-man, David Vickers, on ABC’s One Life to Live. When Watkins isn’t making his once and awhile appearances on OLTL he’s flying back to the West coast for his role on Desperate Housewives.

Charles “Tuc” Watkins was born in Kansas City and raised in Missouri. Tuc attended Indiana University and majored in Communications and has a triple minor in Theatre, Psychology and French. It was during his college years, while taking part in various regional theater performances, that Wakins decided to pursue a career in acting. In 1989, Watkins moved to Los Angeles to jump start his career. After having some commercials under his belt he landed his first television role in Get a Life. His career flourished after that, landing roles on sitcoms and starred in a gay-themed film I Think I Do in 1997. Soon after that he starred in other films, including The Mummy, The Thin Pink Line and Can’t Stop Dancing .

Watkins recently has produced a television show Point View Terrace. He also has been keeping busy playing, Bob Hunter, who lives with his gay partner on Desperate Housewives. Whether Tuc Watkins is home on Wisteria Lane or in Llanview, Pennsylvania he brings such a spoofy and witty personality to both roles, which always leaves a smile on a person’s face.
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