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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for November 23, 2009

REFLECTIONS BY JILL - November 23, 2009


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for November 23, 2009

John McBain

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So, being the caring “girlfriend”, Marty stops by John’s place because she knows how he must be suffering. She tries to convince him that he is not responsible for what happened, but we all know that nobody can convince John of anything when he feels responsible for something so monumental. The fact that he cares so much for Natalie makes it even worse because he knows she is destroyed by what happened. John appreciates Marty caring about him and trying to make him feel better by showing him a photo of his new nephew and as usual, the problem gets put aside for a session of distraction sex. Marty leaves John asleep, only to be woken up by Natalie banging on his door. The first thing she does is slap him a good one in the face, which he quietly accepts. She has to vent her feelings and he knows it so he lets her have at him. She spends a few minutes blaming John for going after Jared when she tried over and over again to convince him that Jared wasn’t a murderer. All John could do was just stand there and say he was sorry, but he was following the evidence.

After a few minutes, Natalie started to think more and more about what happened and she started feeling like she was responsible for Jared’s death because she was the one who threw John off Jared’s trail and if she had let John do his job, he might have gotten things worked out before the tragedy happened. She said that John made her doubt Jared’s word and Jared knew she had doubts and it broke his heart. It was a very poignant moment when Natalie looked at John and said that she knew the evidence pointed to Jared and he was guilty of so much of what happened. She said Jared felt that she would always be there for him as he was for her and her doubting him broke his heart.

What interested me most and made me happiest in the wake of the tragedy, was that Natalie actually went to John for consolation. She had her whole family to take care of her and console her, but she wanted to be with John and that speaks volumes. Whether she tried to blame him for what happened out of her own grief or not, she never backed off when he held her and soothed her and when she told him she couldn’t go back home and be in the room she shared with Jared, he told her she could stay with him for as long as she needed to. After all was said and done, Natalie felt most comfortable being with John and falling asleep in his arms. Call me crazy but these two people are soul mates in my opinion and whatever has transpired in their lives over the years, they still have totally open hearts for each other. I don’t know where Marty fits in, but John and Natalie have not seen the end of their relationship as far as I’m concerned and that’s just fine with me.

Now, let’s move on to my other favorite reunited couple, Bo and Nora. Sure, these two have a long road ahead of them before they can be together, but everything is out in the open between them now and they are keeping it to themselves because of all the problems their family is currently dealing with. I loved the scene where they went back to the hotel after finding out that Matthew was okay. They admitted how happy they were and it was so sweet when Bo said, “You wanna dance?” Of course Nora said yes and they danced right there in the hotel room, which led to them falling onto the bed. They decided that if they made love they would be doing the same thing to Clint that Nora and Sam did to Bo, so they settled for a pizza instead. I love these two together. Clint is dealing with a lot now and needs Nora at his side and I don’t blame Nora for being there for him.

I don’t care much for Clint, but as a person with a heart, I did kind of feel for him when he told Bo and Nora how much he loved them both and was so glad them came home from Seattle to be with the family and they sat there knowing that they were going to destroy Clint’s world when he finds out they are in love. Clint will probably also have his hands full with Kim, who is going to try to get a job at B.E. to cozy up to him. I don’t think even Clint deserves that. Don’t even get me started on Stacy and Kim, the two most obnoxious characters to come to Llanview in a long time. Mitch will find a way to use Stacy and the baby, so stay tuned.

Stacy and Kim have now overheard that Gigi spent the night in Schuyler’s apartment and that Rex doesn’t know. They try to blackmail Roxy into telling Rex about it by threatening to tell Rex who Shane’s donor really was, but Roxy surprises them by revealing that Rex already knows. And while stupid Stacy and Kim were adjusting the pillow Stacy was using to make herself look more pregnant, Schuyler walks in and sees it. I loved it!

To make matters worse, Rex came home after finding out he is Mitch’s son and in the wake of all that is going on, Gigi chooses not to tell him she spent the night sleeping off a drunk in Schuyler’s apartment. Bad choice Gigi! Rex is upset enough already and he just found out from Natalie that his horror show of a father is still alive. Poor Rex.

Then we have Dorian, who is so furious over losing the election that she is in denial. It has come to light that Viki won the election by one vote and Dorian is hell bent on finding out who that one voter was. Dorian demanded a recount and after three recounts, she still can’t let it rest. We know that Markko voted for Viki, but how silly is it that he thinks he’s the one who cast the deciding vote? Give me a break! Markko can’t live with lying to Langston, so he comes forward and tells her he didn’t vote for Dorian. The repercussions from that should be interesting, especially when Dorian finds out.

Well, another bright light on the horizon has Matthew making it through surgery with the prognosis that with physical therapy, he will walk again. But give me a break. Dr. Nance did the surgery but didn’t complete it because he felt it was too risky. Obviously, he didn’t have the experience to do it in the first place.
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