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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for November 9, 2009

REFLECTIONS BY JILL - November 9, 2009


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for November 9, 2009

Rachel Gannon

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2009
Okay, back in good old Llanview, Rachel is breaking poor Shawn’s heart. He shows up to take her on their big date and he comes with flowers and a limo. Rachel levels him with those words that no one ever wants to hear, “We need to talk.” She tells him that she thinks he’s sweet and wonderful and that they are great friends but she doesn’t share his romantic feelings. Shawn is heartbroken to hear that Rachel will never be more than a friend and being no fool, he immediately asks her if this has anything to do with his brother Greg? Rachel denies that it does, but the worst part comes the next day when Rachel and Greg meet in the park. Rachel tells Greg that she has indeed ended things with Shawn and Greg is ready to dive right into a relationship with her, but Rachel tells him that they can’t do that to Shawn. Greg doesn’t agree because he just sees that they want to be together and he moves in for a kiss, which Rachel doesn’t avoid. You just knew that Shawn was going to show up and witness the whole thing and that’s exactly what happened. The look on Shawn’s face was heartbroken and when he confronted his brother and Rachel, she looked like she wanted to die for how she hurt Shawn. He really let her have it for lying about her feelings for Greg and he got right in Greg’s face and told him what he thought of him. Greg will deal with hurting Shawn and move on. Will Rachel?

At least now we can tie up that ridiculous gay wedding. I was happy to see Reverend Andrew back in Llanview, but couldn’t the writers give him a better script than presiding over that fiasco? While Kyle was still rocked by Oliver’s declaration, Amelia pushes Dorian to announce that she will legitimize the marriages when she is elected mayor. This doesn’t sit well with Kyle because he never believed he would really be married to Nick. Kyle realizes he can’t go through with marrying Nick and he and Oliver decide to get together and try to have the relationship they both want. Will Nick be okay with this? He looked like he was really unhappy about Kyle dumping him. Does he love Kyle or will he do something nasty after having his plans thwarted by Oliver?

Now we head to Michigan where Brody’s lovely sister Nadine and Rex’ lovely Aunt Corrine have knocked them both out and are keeping them away from Jessica and Natalie. John shows up at Nadine’s house and totally knows she is keeping a secret about where Brody is. John finally finds Brody and Rex who both wake up from the drugs and Nadine and Corinne admit that they were following instructions they got from phone calls. Oh yeah, and Nadine did it for money. She’s such trash; how did Brody get a sister like her? They don’t know who the man was giving the instructions (we do) and they followed because they felt threatened. This gets dumber every day and now John and Brody are heading for Napa, where this whole thing will blow up when Mitch finally appears.

We know that Mitch Laurance, The Messenger (I just call him the lunatic), is behind all this. Mitch is Rex’s real father and he is manipulating everyone once again. What a joy for Rex. I can’t wait until Roxy finds out that she didn’t kill him after all in that hospital.

Get back on the bus because we’re heading to Napa, California where Jessica and Natalie have arrived and can’t find Jared anywhere. Jessica wants to call the police because she thinks they are in danger, but Natalie begs her not to do that. She feels that if John gets his hands on Jared before she finds him, Jared will go to jail and John won’t give him a fair shake. Jess reluctantly agrees not to call John, but Natalie gets some kind of message and thinks it’s from Jared so she heads out leaving Jessica at Nash’s old house. It doesn’t take long for Jess to head out because she’s just plain terrified and she bumps into Jared. He can’t convince her that he isn’t going to hurt her and that he desperately needs to find Natalie before she gets hurt but Jess doesn’t believe him and runs out. Of course her car won’t start and she tries to find help but finds something else in an old shed.

Back in Llanview (boy, I’m tired from this trip around the country), Viki runs into Marcie at the cemetery where they are visiting Chloe’s grave since it is her birthday as well as Hope’s. It was really good to see Marcie but it’s too bad she and Michael are not hanging around for long. She has a really nice visit with Viki and then heads over to see Starr and Hope, but Viki remains at the cemetery and is horrified to find Nash’s grave dug up and the casket empty. I guess Jessica is going to find what was in that casket out in California. Could this be more gruesome?

Gigi is still upset over Rex leaving town and she and Schuyler keep getting closer. She admits that she has feeling for him and was jealous that he went out with Kim. Gigi is further upset when she calls Rex’s Aunt Corinne and Corinne is so intent on keeping Gigi from coming to Michigan that she tells him she’s not really sick and that Rex just needed his space so he came for a visit. Oh boy! That makes Gigi really angry because she believes it, of course. Gigi is further hurt and upset because Stacy shows up at Rodi’s to find Rex and show him a picture of her sonogram. The thing is that it is not really her sonogram. Sure, Kim got some idiot at the hospital to give her a sonogram picture of a baby that would be the right age so that Rex would believe it is his child. Stacy flaunts the picture at Gigi, who has by now had her fill of aggravation and she proceeds to get drunk to forget her woes. Gigi gets smashed and in addition to wanting to forget her problems with Rex, she loosens up when it comes to Schuyler and really comes on to him. He takes her back to his place, but as much as he wants her, he doesn’t want her this way. Will Gigi and Rex ever get things straightened out? With Mitch involved as Rex’s father, a whole new set of problems is headed their way.

The one good thing in this Gigi and Rex mess is that Schuyler keeps remember Stacy trying to get him to have sex with her and he has never been sure that Stacy is actually carrying Rex’s baby. Thank goodness Schuyler has that in mind.

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