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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for September 1, 2009

REFLECTIONS BY JILL - September 1, 2009


David quest for a new reality show is getting a bit silly at this point. He hasn’t got a clue about what he’s doing and hasn’t paid his employees because he spent all his money on Matthew’s court case. And Matthew is 100% behind the show. Matthew is getting to be a bit sneaky and when he knows Rachel will be alone in the living room, he sends Greg in, who catches her doing her dance exercises. Rachel is embarrassed and angry that Matthew sent Greg in when she asked not to be disturbed and Greg says he can teach her a few moves. She challenges him to a dance off and of course, just as they fall on the floor and wind up on top of each other, David’s crew rushes in with a camera. Of course David makes all kinds of implications about Rachel being Shawn’s girl and going after his brother and he thinks this is a great storyline for his reality show, until Rachel gets mad enough and asks Greg to toss David out. Like I said, it’s getting a little too silly. Why couldn’t David come back and just get into a battle over the Buchanan money? Putting him in another inane storyline is going to get old quickly, even though I was amused the first week.

And in anticipation of a storyline I can sink my teeth into, Viki heads over to Dorian’s house after seeing the picture Dorian planed in The Sun of Starr, Hope and the Mayor. She happily stands there with Charlie and informs Dorian that she will be running against the mayor, leaving Dorian speechless. The gloves are off ladies! Let the campaign begin!

I hear that Dan Gauthier will be heading back to ‘One Life to Live’ to reprise his role as Kevin Buchanan. Can Joey be far behind?

See ya next week.



Catherine writes: “I can't believe how stupid and unlikable so many of the characters have become, let alone the stupid storylines. They're even ruining Tuc Watkins, which I wouldn't believe was even possible. I guess even he needs something to work with story-wise. And what possible appeal does a psychopath like Todd have that Tea and Blair are competing for him? That's low self esteem, pure and ugly.”

Dear Catherine: I agree that there are a lot more unlikable characters on the show these days. It seems like the characters are either obnoxious or villainous and they all prey on the few decent people left in Llanview. When it comes to Todd I never have anything good to say because I can never think of anything positive about him, which is why I am always horrified at Blair and Tea (two supposedly strong women) fighting over him like two high school girls in a hair-pulling contest. I don’t think they have low self-esteem; I don’t think they have ANY self-esteem where Todd is concerned.

Sheree writes: “You seem to blame Blair for the break-up with John. Blair was through with Todd. She wanted a relationship with John. It was John who couldn't stop from chasing after Marty. Every time Marty called John left Blair to go save/rescue Marty. So once again Blair gets hurt and goes running back to Todd. How long do you think they will last? It's the same old story!”

Dear Sheree: I don’t blame Blair for the break up with John. In my opinion, there was never anything more than a very good friendship with benefits. It was a marriage of convenience and yes, John did always have unresolved feelings for Marty, which Blair was well aware of, but there was always something even bigger between Blair and John and that was her sick obsession with Todd. And if you think Blair was ever “through” with Todd, think again. Her behavior right now is a perfect example of how messed up she is. She doesn’t even make any bones about admitting that if she can’t have Todd then Tea can’t either. If Todd didn’t show any interest in Tea, Blair wouldn’t give a hoot what kind of secret she was keeping. And if I hear Blair use her kids one more time as an excuse for staying involved with Todd, I am going to scream. The sad thing is that Blair professes to be a great mother, but the first time she gets an itch to do something stupid because of a man (Todd), she is out the door with a single look backward.
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