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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for May 19, 2008

REFLECTIONS BY JILL for May 19, 2008


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for May 19, 2008

Lee Ramsey

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2008
So, it seems that everyone in Llanview is in on the plot to trap Ramsey. When Cristian catches Antonio and Talia making out at Ultra Violet, we are clued in to the fact that he is in on it, too, and that they completely staged that scene where Cristian punched out John and was taken to jail. I guess having that well-known Vega temper worked for the cause this time. No one would have believed that Cristian didn’t really blow up and attack John for real for disrespecting Antonio. And now Antonio and Talia can’t keep their hands off of each other. This could only mean trouble and I laughed my head off when they were making out in the church and someone was tapping Antonio on the back trying to get him to stop. It was bad enough that anyone spying for Ramsey could have caught them, but to get busted and chastised by the priest was a riot.

I don’t know where to begin when it comes to Starr, Cole, Blair, John and that sociopath Todd. Of course Blair and John don’t have much peace before Todd shows up to annoy them in the search and as usual, Todd can’t figure out why Blair is so mad at him. Todd hates that John is involved and that Blair has put her faith in him, but it’s the smartest thing she’s done in a long time. The first thing Todd does is come on too strong with the one person who might be able to tell them where Starr and Cole are which is par for the course where Todd is concerned. I applauded Blair when it got late and they decided to get some sleep and she wouldn’t share a room with Todd; and I laughed my head off when she wouldn’t even let him have the room next to her. It didn’t take Todd long the next morning to figure out that he had been sent to the wrong place to look for the kids.

Honestly, it was a good thing that it was John who found that pamphlet about pregnancy options in Starr and Cole’s room instead of Blair. She doesn’t need one more thing to deal with right now, including Todd finding Starr and Cole first and chasing them down on the boardwalk. As soon as Todd started chasing them I was holding my breath because I knew Todd was going to freak out and that something really bad was going to happen. As usual, Todd lost his mind and his violent temper took over when he finally cornered Starr and Cole up on that porch. What a fool. He tells Starr immediately to come with him and proves that he had no intention of letting Starr see Cole if she came home. At this point, Starr was so terrified of what Todd will do that she tried to get away from him. I just sat watching in total horror when Todd’s first reaction was to punch out Cole when Cole tried to reason with him and I got a sick feeling in my stomach when all Todd could think about was beating on Cole to the point that when Starr tried to stop him, he didn’t even care what he was doing as he grabbed her, threw her aside and sent her flying down a flight of stairs. It’s too bad John and Blair got to the scene about two seconds too late to stop this from happening. Isn’t it finally time that Todd suffered some consequences for his actions? That was the most horrible scene and I just wish I could believe it will stick when Blair kicks him out of the house.

I don’t know how the show is going to write Nash out, but whatever they do, I don’t like the thought of losing this character. Lots of fans are upset and very angry about having invested in watching this character develop and fit so well into the canvas with Jessica, only to see Nash turned into a non-entity.

I saved the best for last. David is back and in rare form. I didn’t stop laughing from the start of one scene until the end of the next. Antonio and Talia were not the only couple to throw caution to the wind last week. In addition to getting caught by Nigel right in front of the Buchanan mansion, Jared and Natalie were pretty reckless to sit in the Bon Jour Café and make out in plain sight, especially since David was getting an eyeful as well as an earful and found out that Jared was not a Buchanan. Leave it to David to overhear the truth about Jared and say to himself, “Oh Viki, this is going to be at least another five personalities for you.” It didn’t take him long to quit his job and head back to Llanview. After all, he found a real meal ticket this time. Will he get even a nickel out of Natalie and Jared?

I still laugh when I think about the scenes where Viki, David and Charlie were together. It started out hysterically funny when David walked into Viki’s kitchen using his own key and found Charlie and Viki kissing at the kitchen table. David proceeds to try and eat Viki and Charlie’s breakfast while he was feeling them out about what’s going on. I loved it when Charlie just stood there confused when David said, “Charlie, I’m not sure you deserve Viki. Viki and I shacked up together for a while, you know.” Viki was shocked to hear that David was working at the diner in Texas and she thinks he’s back in town for Adriana’s wedding. Boy, is she in for a surprise and the truth will start to come out in a matter of days.

David’s lines were hysterical but Viki’s reaction to them was just as funny. She just stood there chuckling while David went on and on, just enjoying his nuttiness. Viki has a wonderful and witty sense of humor and she doesn’t get to use it nearly enough. David brings it out in her every time. I couldn’t stop laughing when David asked Charlie, “Say Charlie, Have you and Viki ever had video and popcorn night under the flowered comforter?”

All I have to say about David is, can’t we find a way to keep him? His friendship and affection for Viki and hers for him make for the most endearing relationship the show has seen in a long time. We need more of David than a few scenes a few times a year. PLEASE!

See ya next week.


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