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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for March 17, 2008

REFLECTIONS BY JILL for March 17, 2008


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for March 17, 2008

Lindsay "Stabby" Rappaport

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2008

Bill writes: “I think Todd is the funniest character on the show. Calling Lindsay "Stabby" when he saw her a few weeks ago was hysterical. Give him a break. He was nice enough to let Marcie the whiner get off Scott free. He makes the show worth watching. The more annoying and pathetic character is Dorian. She’s the most hypocritical character on the show. Why not rag on her?”

Dear Bill: Okay, I know I always try to be very fair and try to give everyone a place to voice their opinions so that’s what I’m doing here. However, I just have to respond by saying, “Are you freaking nuts, Bill?” LMAO! I couldn’t disagree with you more about Todd being the funniest person on the show. When he makes a joke or says something he thinks is funny, it is always an insult at someone else’s expense. At one point his antics might have been funny, although I can’t remember how many years ago that would have been. And why do you think he was “nice enough” to let Marcie off the hook? He had no choice. John forced him into that by threatening to toss him in jail for kidnapping Shane. Let’s at least get the story straight and whip off those rose-colored glasses where Todd is concerned. And when it comes to Dorian, where have you been? I rag on that sorry excuse for a lady all the time.

Yvonne writes: “It is nice to see Ramsey replace that idiot Bo as police commissioner. Too many people got away with too much. And the rest of that police force is laughable. I hope Ramsey lasts a long, long time. I like his no nonsense, take no prisoners attitude.”

Dear Yvonne: OMG! This is definitely the week for alternative opinions. If it were up to Ramsey, he’d lock up everyone in Llanview, including Viki Davidson. The man is a demented maniac with a serious power complex. And yes, he does have a take no prisoners attitude and I hope that one day very soon he’ll be the prisoner. Hey, why don’t we make him the local nursery school teacher, too? He’d do wonders with little children, don’t you think? I hope Ramsey lasts a long, long time, too, on another show or in Statesville.

Tshepard31 writes: “I am sure a lot of people tell you this, but I love how, despite everything, you are still a John and Natalie fan. To me, those scenes are better than anything else currently on the show although I do enjoy Viki and Charlie some.”

Dear Tshepard31: There are still a ton of John and Natalie fans out there but we haven’t had a lot to cheer about lately. And I agree that their scenes together, no matter what they’re doing, are always fun to watch. As opposed to all the deception and discontent on the show, this couple always shows how much they care about each other and I love that about them. I like Viki and Charlie, too, but I’m not going to be happy if his lies go on for much longer.

Jamie writes: “I would just like you to know there are some NON-fans of John and Natalie. I praised the day they broke these two up. I never saw any sexual chemistry between these two. I do, however, enjoy their friendship. I was very disappointed when they killed Marty off because she and John had oodles of chemistry. And I can’t wait for the day that Jared and Natalie will be able to get together because I see the chemistry with these two as well.”

Dear Jamie: I’m happy to share your opinion with everyone, even though I don’t agree. I do think that Natalie and Jared will make an interesting pair, but my long-term desire is still to see John and Natalie back together down the road. I think they have plenty of chemistry and there aren’t many couples on the show who care about each other like Natalie and John do. I never did see the magic between John and Marty. I think they had way too little time to develop a relationship and I liked them as friends more than as lovers.

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