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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for February 6, 2007

REFLECTIONS BY JILL for February 6, 2007


Okay, I know nobody will believe this, but here it is. I am very quickly getting to the end of my rope when it comes to John McBain. That’s right. As one of his biggest supporters, I am sorry to say that this guy needs a good swift kick in the butt and I really want to use another word besides “butt.” Yeah, I know that Natalie has been a royal pain in the same area since John came back to life and many people will say she was a royal pain way before that. But I have just about had it with John’s wallowing. I couldn’t believe it when John was talking with Evangeline and when she mentioned that she figured now that Spencer was dead it would be enough for John and give him some peace and he told her that no, it wasn’t enough because Spencer didn’t suffer enough. I thought her question was perfect when she asked him if he would only have peace if Spencer had to face his killer. Hey, most of us wouldn’t have minded seeing Spencer being tortured a little, but let’s be real. He’s dead and the Spencer saga is far from over anyway.

And I am tired of John having a decent word for everyone except Natalie. I guess it’s true what they say; you always hurt the one you love. He knows how to behave himself and talk respectfully to Bo, Michael, Marty and Evangeline, but he treats Natalie like a villain who is trying to hurt him instead of like the one person who loves him most. I will be the first to admit that Natalie’s approach has been all wrong where John is concerned, but if he is going to continue to be hard to deal with and unappreciative of her caring for him, he should just cut her loose. Honestly, I don’t know why she is still at his place when he suggested last week that she move out. I know that John and Natalie are going to finally have some intimacy back in their lives coming up, but frankly, I don’t care. If John doesn’t start acting like a human being who should be thankful to be alive, I would hope that Natalie would throw down the gauntlet and I don’t care that John doesn’t like ultimatums.

I was not pleased with John when Natalie told him she overheard his conversation with Marty where he told Marty that he didn’t know if he could trust Natalie. Instead of being sorry for what he said or having any remorse for talking behind Natalie’s back to a stranger, all John could do was get angry that Natalie eavesdropped. He owed her better than that.

I’m not so sure that Natalie should have removed those fibers from John’s scarf that she saw on Spencer’s body. John will probably just say she was sticking her nose in where it doesn’t belong. And now John is all ready to go back to work and wants Bo to put him on Spencer’s case. I’m glad that Bo refused him. John is over the edge already and his ego is way too big when he claims that he’s the only one who should be solving this case. John had a temporary bout of kindness when he woke up in the hospital and now he’s back to his old self, but worse in my opinion because he has so much to be thankful for and can’t get his mood out of the gutter. Whew, now I feel better.

Okay, we have to figure that Rex knows who killed Spencer and doesn’t want to blow the whistle on anyone because, hey, let’s face it; no one deserves to pay for killing that piece of dirt. Like Bo said to Antonio, if we bring in everyone who wanted Spencer dead, we’d have to rent an arena.” It’s too bad Rex is putting Bo in such a bad position. Bo loves Rex like a son and he is only trying to protect him. I guess we can’t blame Rex for clamming up and he’ll probably stay that way as long as he thinks he can’t be punished for Spencer’s murder. And now Rex and Michael have a pact of secrecy about Tommy and that is going to ruin Michael. The lying is going to kill Marcie more than knowing the truth about Tommy in my opinion.

I still have no idea who did the good deed, but I had a weird feeling about Addie. It wouldn’t be such a bad idea to make her the killer since she would probably just stay where she is and enjoy the rest of her life at St. Ann’s being the sweet little person she is. And at least Addie gave Todd an alibi. She was so sweet when she talked to him about Blair and said, “If you love someone set them free. If they don’t come back then it wasn’t meant to be and if they do come back, they are yours to keep forever.” Addie never says a word that doesn’t make sense. It’s just weird that we can’t get more of her logic in everyday Llanview.

Actually, the most suspicious looking person is Michael, although I could never believe he’d kill Spencer and of course Marcie was right when she said that Michael had the perfect chance to kill the creep on the operating table but didn’t do it. I couldn’t believe how Michael blew up at Marcie when she was just speculating about the murder and he got crazy and said, “Marcie, would you just shut up?” Honestly, that baby who plays Tommy must be a real angel. I can’t believe those two were yelling over his head like that and all he did was stare at Michael. I was shocked he didn’t get terrified and start screaming in terror.

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