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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for February 1, 2010

REFLECTIONS BY JILL - February 1, 2010


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for February 1, 2010

Mitch Laurence

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2010
It is getting pretty boring and obnoxious to sit and watch just how maniacal and ghoulish Mitch can be. So now he has kidnapped Jessica and he has devised some master plan to also kidnap Stacy’s baby and have Jessica raise it as her own. Well gee, why the heck not? It seems pretty normal for Mitch. After all, didn’t he once try to cut Natalie’s heart out of her very alive body so he could give it to Victor Lord?

It was awful to have to listen to Mitch tell Jessica that she would raise the new baby to make up for losing Chloe. Mitch is about as heartless as they come. I was glad that Jessica spit in his face, even though it did her no good.

I find it very disheartening that the writers cannot come up with another way to have Mitch torment everyone. Come one; hasn’t Jessica been through enough? She hasn’t had more than a minute’s peace in the last two years if I remember correctly. But hey, why should Mitch worry about that? She’s only his daughter. It was hard to watch Jessica strapped to that table and terrified when she realized that Mitch was going to wipe out her memory with electric shock (oh, and without any anesthesia). Even wacky Nurse Charles was against what Mitch intended to do and tried to stop him. That didn’t get her very far. I guess Mitch prefers the ghoulish way of doing things because we all know there is another way. I remember how easy it was for Lindsay to wipe out Nora’s memory several years ago with one injection. But I’ll bet if Lindsay knew about the Electro shock deal, she’d have preferred to use that on Nora.

Meanwhile, Dorian is still trying to work Charlie over. She has found a perfect pawn in Charlie since it is so easy for her to prey on his grief over Jared’s death and his hatred for Mitch. I find Dorian’s behavior really disgusting. She’s a coward and a manipulator and she will use any plot she can come up with to save her girls and keep her own hands clean. She is despicable. She should just take that gun when she finds out where Mitch is and take him out on her own. She should feel guilty and angry enough that she felt forced to fire Bo and set Mitch free. But instead, she spends all her time trying to figure out how to get Mitch killed without any blood on her hands. Now she’s planning to smoke Mitch out by getting her hands on Stacy’s baby because she knows that is Mitch’s ultimate goal; to have that baby be the new future of his sick cult.

I don’t even want to hear Dorian apologize to Charlie for anything that is hurting his relationship with Viki. Dorian doesn’t give a damn about anything but her own situation and the only reason she wants to keep Charlie from drinking is so he will be sharp enough to shoot that gun and kill Mitch.

Across town, Kim and Stacy are cementing their plan to get Schuyler to give Stacy the drug to induce labor so the baby will appear to be Rex’s child. I now consider Schuyler no better than Stacy and Kim because even though he has fought them, they know just how to push his buttons to get him to do what they want. If the thought of losing Gigi is making him abandon every decent facet of his personality, then he is no better than his two little pole dancing cohorts. I thought it was really horrible that after all Schuyler went through with stealing drugs from the hospital in the past and his mother killing herself after being blackmailed for covering for him, that he still made the decision to walk up to that medicine cart in the hospital when the nurse wasn’t looking and check off the drug he wanted. It didn’t bother him to pretend another doctor ordered it. I really can’t wait for the day when he finds out the baby isn’t his and he loses Gigi. I won’t feel sorry for him.

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