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REFLECTIONS BY JILL for January 30, 2007


Sheree writes: “Do you watch the TV show NCIS? Someone has probably already told you that Mark Derwin guest starred on it Tuesday the 16th. Boy, did he look GOOD. I forgot how much I miss him as Ben, too. I liked when he had scenes with Blair.”

Dear Sheree: Thank you for thinking of me where Mark Derwin is concerned. No, I don’t watch NCIS as a rule, but you’d better believe that I saw him on NCIS and everything else he’s been on (which is never enough). And I used to like Ben’s scenes with Blair, too, especially when she tried to put the moves on him and he remained faithful to Viki, even though they weren’t even together at the time. And I never forget how much I miss Ben. Neither does Viki.

Cathryn writes: “I agree with you on the matter of everyone visiting Spencer's room...it's getting old how they all have one more thing to say to him. Leave the man alone in his own misery!! I feel bad for Natalie - not because I can relate to her but because it seems to be a lost cause with John. Having come close to death and now being scarred he still doesn't have an appreciation for Natalie's love of him and that of his family. This is one self- destruct, obsessive, DULL man. I used to like this character a lot but I don't find anything really sexy about him. He's either obsessing over his father’s death and Spencer or he's obsessing over a case at work. There's no "play" time with John...all work. No fun...and Natalie needs to stop mothering/smothering him. If he chooses not to get better she needs to let him be. Sorry. He's a man not a child.”

Dear Cathryn: You are certainly not alone in your feelings about Natalie and John. Lots of times they frustrate me, too, because just when I feel they’ve come a long way, they go and have another silly argument about the same old thing and lately, the arguments are far from silly. They are dangerous. I definitely think John needs to lighten up and for him, he has come a long way. It’s just not that much when you compare it to most “normal” people. I just always find myself pulling for this couple, even though they do frustrate me sometimes, but after all the waiting I’ve done, I do enjoy seeing them being honest with each other and admitting their feelings. They are hurting each other lately and I completely understand the way you feel. If the day comes when I think John and Natalie just can’t go any further in making things work, I will be the first to admit it. I just hope that people like Marty and Vincent don’t influence what they really feel and what’s important to them.

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