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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for January 15, 2008

REFLECTIONS BY JILL for January 15, 2008



Jamie writes: “I totally agree with you about Jessica. It was very cruel pretending to be Tess with Nash. I have never liked the pair, but they are married now and she should act like it. Plus, I really do NOT understand what she hopes to accomplish by pretending to be Tess with Jared. After what she did to him, does she really think he will trust or believe a word out of her mouth? Also, in my opinion, if Tess really was back, she would be royally pissed off at Nash for falling for Jessica.”

Dear Jamie: I was very disappointed in Jessica, to say the least, when Nash asked her to promise that she would not pretend to be Tess for Jared and she refused to make that promise to him. I have always loved the character of Jessica no matter what she has gone through, but ever since she became integrated with Tess, I find that Tess’s bad qualities come too easily to Jessica when she is in certain situations. I totally agree that she is a fool to think Jared would ever trust her as far as he could throw her and she’s going to pay for this little scheme of hers. I totally feel for Nash; he is being walked all over by Jessica and she is not showing him the love and respect that he deserves and always gives her.

Linda writes: “I hope the writers’ strike will have a good ending and that it is soon. Without writers we are up the creek! Now I have to check my files, but it seems to me One Live to Live gave us people to email if we don't like something about the program. I intend to complain. The rehash of Ben and Viki sucks! Yes it makes us want Ben and is totally unfair to the actor who plays Charlie. And really; a drinker right out of the gate? Come on! Nothing says romance like a guy fresh off a bender. I love the new and improved Addie. Boy, she is going to give the Kramer women a run for their money. I think the writers have messed up the characters of Jared and Jessica. There is a point you take a character past that ruins them for the fans. Jessica trying to act like Tess is a big mistake. She is supposedly in love with Nash but would do something this reckless and stupid it would take her character over the top.”

Dear Linda: I guess we’re going to find out very soon whether we will have new shows or not and I, too, hope that the strike is settled before we suffer the temporary loss of the show. There are lists on this website of addresses for the show where you can write and express your thoughts. I encourage anyone with a complaint to do so. I certainly wouldn’t argue your point about Ben and Viki. It was a wonderful storyline and I think trying to recreate it with a man who is not Ben is a potential problem because it’s hard for me not to make a comparison between Ben and Charlie. I like Charlie but I do agree with you about Viki taking on a seriously relationship with a man who is trying to stay sober, but if anyone can handle it and make it work, it’s Viki. Addie is wonderful. Maybe she and Langston can keep Dorian so busy she won’t be able to torment Viki. I know, fat chance of that happening. Obviously from all the mail I receive, most people are not happy with Jessica these days, myself included.

Cathryn writes: “I don't care how creepy Ramsey is, I still like him. He should nail Marcie to the wall! And I was disappointed Michael noticed the ring on Adriana's hand and took it from her! Poor Rex lost his money, too, and now Adriana doesn’t have a present from him. How sad was that? I wrote to Mr. Valentini about the Paris, Texas storyline with Viki and the two waitresses working for Moe. We've seen this before on Mel's Diner decades ago and it's old and boring. No rich woman in her right mind would trade a life of luxury for a life of middle class living.”

Dear Cathryn: LOL! You remind me of a friend of mine who also loves all the bad guys. But not me. Ramsey makes my stomach turn. Hunt Block is a great actor and he has played many obnoxious roles like Ramsey. He does it well enough to make me want to run him over with a truck. I don’t ever take a liking to the characters that are cruel and heartless, but since that’s what makes the show interesting, I guess we’ll always have at least one. I would just like to see at least as much honest to goodness romance as evil. I couldn’t disagree with you more about Moe and his crew at the diner. I think they are all adorable and are all great actors who add a lot to the show. As far as Viki being in her right mind trading her life for that of a waitress, Viki never said it would be forever. It was an escape for her and a vacation from her overly stressful life. And by the way, Viki never had so much fun in her life as when she was hanging out at Crossroads with the common folk, hoisting a few beers, playing pool and singing karaoke. Viki is the most adaptable character on the show and unlike Dorian, she is as far as you can get from being a snob and that’s why she adapts to whatever situation she is in.

VVelease writes: “Regarding Viki and Charlie, I noticed right off that their dancing scene was right from the early days of Ben and Blondie and I don't care. What matters to me is that Viki finally has a good storyline with a decent guy after being roasted by Higley. Charlie has his demons, which I predict are going to cause plenty of trouble down the road but that's okay, because hopefully it will make for a meaty storyline and that will keep him and Viki going for a long time.”

Dear VVelease: It makes me so happy that people are talking about Viki and Ben again, no matter what they’re saying. I certainly agree with you that anything that puts Viki in a good storyline that doesn’t involve her babysitting her grown kids is a good thing. Hey, at least we’re not having her fighting with Clint over Dorian. That was horrible and so unrealistic to me. It would be nice if Charlie would wise up quickly and figure out that Dorian is a trouble maker and hates Viki, but I don’t see Viki getting away without a good dose of Dorian getting under her skin and to tell you the truth, very little on the show is as fun to watch as Dorian and Viki battling it out.

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