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Danielle Manning - OLTL Character Profile


Danielle Manning - OLTL Character Profile

Danielle Manning

© Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2010

Current Occupation:

Attends Llanview High School

Place of Residence:

Lives with her dad Todd Manning

Significant Romantic Relationships:

Matthew Buchanan (ex-boyfriend)
Nate Salinger


Tea Delgado (mother)
Ross Rayburn (surrogate father)
Todd Manning (biological father)
Starr Manning (half sister)
Jack manning (half brother)
Sam Manning (half brother)
Hope (niece)
Viki (aunt)
Bo Buchanan (uncle)
Clint Buchanan (uncle)
Kevin Buchanan (cousin)
Joey (cousin)
Jessica (cousin)
Natalie (cousin)
Tomas Delgado (uncle)

Interesting Facts:

Lived in Tahiti with her mother and surrogate father, Ross Rayburn.
Attended boarding school in London to evade biological father, Todd Manning.
Saw Todd shoot Ross and go over a cliff.
Hated her real father, Todd Manning, but has grown to love him.
Her sinister uncle kidnapped her for ransom.
He has a love/hate relationship with her biological father.
Dani learned she has another uncle who is a painter.


Starr Manning
Matthew Buchanan
Nate Salinger
Destiny Evans
Blair Cramer
James Ford


Dr. Greg Evans
Elijah Clarke (deceased)

Strongest Points:

Danielle is a typical teenager, but with a very head-strong attitude. She tries very hard not to act like her father Todd Manning, whom she despises, but her actions are proving otherwise.

History of Danielle Manning:

Danielle was born in Tahiti where she was raised by Tea Delgado and Ross Rayburn. Ross was the only father she ever knew but later finding out Todd Manning was her biological father. Her mother moved her to a London boarding school to hide her from Todd. Danielle met Matthew Buchanan at school and the two had an equal dislike of their parents and quickly became friends. Matthew was in a wheelchair from an auto accident (in which Tea represented him in court to have surgery) and was on his way to Chicago when his parents flew him to London instead. Together, they fled the school and flew to Chicago for Matthew’s surgery. Danielle hid in Matthews’ room from her mother who found out her whereabouts. Not knowing Ross is looking for her too, he walks into the room and at gunpoint - takes Dani on the lam - but its cut short when Todd and Tea trap them on a bridge. Todd shoots Ross and he plunges into the water. Vowing revenge on Todd for taking Ross away from her, she steals Bo Buchanan’s gun out of his safe and threatens to shoot Todd! Tea arrives with Elijah and he retrieves the gun from her.

Tea takes Dani to Llanview where they plan to bury Ross but he shows up alive! Ross says goodbye to Dani telling her to give Todd a chance and accept him as her father. After reading online about the many awful things about Todd, Dani reveals the truth to Matthew and he introduces her to Starr - who she realizes is her half sister. Starr helps Dani see the good things in their father, but she refuses and continues to avoid him. Feeling a strong connection with Matthew, Danielle kisses him just as Tea walks in on them! Danielle had the displeasure of meeting Destiny, (who also likes Matthew), and the two fight to compete for his attention. They are auditioning for the lead in a school play about the life of Danielle’s half sister, Starr.

Dani won the lead part of “Starr” and fell for her costar, Nate, who’s playing ‘Cole'.Dani begins to reach out to Todd until she witnesses Cole beat him up for pushing his mother, Marty down the stairs. She is horrified to learn Marty was pregnant and distances herself from Todd even more. While talking to Nate on a park bench about her problems, she kisses him. Matthew asks Dani to the prom and she accepts but only after seeing Nate has asked someone else.

Dani broke up Matthew and began dating Nate. Dani and Nate got in trouble with convict, ‘Bull’, after finding his stash of money. Nate was released from a hostage situation after Dani and Todd rescued him. Overcome with grief as Tea’s brain tumor worsened, Dani bonded with Todd, Nate and Destiny after her death. Ross returned to Llanview and gains custody of Dani and later tells Todd she loves him! Dani discovered Ross’ lifeless body at the docks and blamed Todd; later she finds Tea alive in a secluded warehouse after being kidnapped by Eli. Todd banned her from Nate after catching them undressed and Dani decided to teach him a lesson by hiding out.
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