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Clint Buchanan - OLTL Character Profile


Clint Buchanan - OLTL Character Profile

Clint Buchanan

© Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2010

Portrayed by:

Jerry verDorn

About Clint Buchanan:

  • Clint is a devoted father and can be relied on to protect his friends and loved ones. Not one to be fooled, Clint is a powerful, ruthless business man who maintains control of Buchanan Enterprises (B.E.).

  • Occupation:
    Chief operator at B.E.

    Place of Residence:

    Buchanan Mansion in Llanview

    Significant Romantic Relationships:

    Viki Lord Banks (divorced twice)
    Tina Lord
    Dallas Buchanan
    Dorian Lord Cramer
    Lindsey Rappaport (divorced)
    Nora Buchanan (annulled)
    Kim Andrews (annulled)
    Inez Salinger
    Echo DiSavoy (affair)


    Cordero Roberts (biological son)
    Rex Balsom (son with Echo DiSavoy)
    Kevin (adopted son)
    Joey (adopted son)
    Jessica (daughter)
    Natalie (biological daughter)


    Asa Buchanan (father, deceased)
    Olympia Buchanan (mother, deceased)
    Renee Divine (stepmother)
    Bo Buchanan (brother)
    Ben Davidson (half-brother, deceased)
    C.J. Roberts (grandson)
    Sarah Roberts (grand-daughter)
    Duke Buchanan (grandson, deceased)
    David Vickers (nephew)
    Drew Buchanan (nephew, deceased)
    Matthew Buchanan (nephew)
    Brennan Buchanan (granddaughter)
    Zane Buchanan (great-grandson)
    Rex Balsom (son)
    Shane Morasco (grandson)
    Liam Buchanan (grandson)
    Ryder Buchanan (grandson)

    Interesting Facts:

    Came to Llanview in 1979.
    Married Viki twice.
    Paid to release a murderer as revenge on an ex-lover.
    Married his ex-sister-in-law.
    Married his assistant/ex hooker.
    Clint attempted to destroy his brother's marriage.
    He had his daughter's DNA test changed.
    Clint denied fathering Rex Balsom.


    Viki Lord Banks
    Charlie Banks
    Dallas Buchanan


    Mitch Lawrence
    Allison Perkins
    David Vickers-Buchanan
    Bo Buchanan
    Echo DiSavoy
    Charlie Banks
    Inez Salinger
    Nora Buchanan
    Robert Ford
    Vimal Patel
    Aubrey Wentworth

    History of Clint Buchanan:

    Clint was hired by Joe Riley as editor of The Banner newspaper in 1979. He married Victoria Lord and adopted her sons, Kevin and Joey. (He also fathered biological son, Cordero Roberts). Soon, Jessica was born and as children, she and Kevin were both kidnapped (separately) by Allison Perkins, of Mitch Lawrence’s cult. Years later, Clint learned that Natalie Balsam was his biological daughter. (She was one of two fraternal twins kidnapped by Allison at birth). Jessica, as it turned out, was Mitch’s biological daughter.

    Clint slept with Viki’s half-sister, Tina, to help “Viki” (suffering from DID/alters) catch them and emerge back to her “old self”. She did, however, they drifted apart after many happy years together. Clint flew to London after divorcing Lindsey Rappaport when he realized she used him; in 2005, he returned to Llanview to help Viki with Jessica’s (DID). Clint’s former lover, Dallas, arrived for Asa’s funeral and threatened his relationship with Nora, (Bo’s ex) when she decided to stay in Llanview; however, she returned to London.

    In 2008, Jared Banks claimed to be Asa’s heir in the will (tests later proved David Vickers was the true Buchanan heir and son of Bo). Clint had a brief encounter with Dorian Lord, (choosing her over Viki) but Dorian chose David over him! Clint’s sudden affair with Nora enraged Dorian, who took control of B.E. as revenge. He used David to blackmail Dorian but when that fell apart, Clint used Jared to obtain information on Dorian’s plan to adopt a teenage orphan. Clint paid off a judge to release the girls’ prison-laden uncle, Ray Montez, who briefly won custody. Clint eventually resumed control of B.E. and Dorian was later awarded custody of the girl.

    Clint married Nora and helped locate a specialist for her (and Bo’s) injured son, Matthew. Nora and Bo spent several months together coping with their ordeal and fell in love. Clint staged an affair with his assistant, Kim to get even with Nora after his butler Nigel revealed the truth. At the Mayor’s Ball, Clint teamed up with (Mayor) Dorian and smirked as he witnessed Bo’s termination as Police Commissioner. Kim asked Clint to marry her to gain custody of her dead friend’s baby but the marriage was short lived when she confessed to adultery. Clint later forgave Bo after Bo survived a gunshot wound, but was uneasy with news of Bo and Nora’s engagement. While searching frantically for Jessica on prom night, Clint and Viki are relieved to find Jessica is with Brody and that her memory returned! Weeks later, they are happy to learn of Jessica’s pregnancy news and wedding plans with Brody!

    At Bo and Nora’s wedding, Clint threatens to shoot David over Kim’s whereabouts. David is kidnapped prior to marrying Dorian and confined in a Moroccan prison. Clint offered Matthew a job at B.E. after witnessing his ruthless actions toward Nate Salinger... and Clint asks (Nate’s mother), Inez to dinner. Overhearing that Kelly hired Rex to find David, Matthew catches Rex taking files from B.E and Clint threatened Gigi’s L.U. grant. Later, he arranges for Inez’s son, James to be given a grant and helps Gigi after Rex drops the search for David. Clint punished Robert Ford for seducing Jessica but hired his convict father to kidnap Nora and ruin her marriage to Bo. But his triumph was short-lived when Inez exposed the truth. After tampering with DNA results, shamed ex-employee Vimal Patel exploited the shady stunt and bulldozed Clint to confess his motives. Clint re-inherited Joey but plot revenge against his money grubbing fiancée’ Aubrey Wentworth.
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