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Charlie Banks - OLTL Character Profile


Charlie Banks - OLTL Character Profile

Charlie Banks

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2008

Current Occupation:

Construction contractor

Place of Residence:

Currently moved out of Llanview, but previously lived at Llanfair with his ex-wife, Viki Lord.

Marital Status and Significant Romantic Relationships:

Divorced from first wife
Victoria Lord Davidson Banks (divorced in 2011)


Jared Banks (son from first marriage - shot and killed by Mitch Laurence)
Jimmy Banks (son from first marriage-hit by car and killed)


Jared Banks (son; deceased) Kevin Buchanan (step son) Joey Buchanan (step son) Jessica Buchanan (step daughter) Natalie Buchanan (step daughter) Bree Brennan (step granddaughter) Todd Manning (brother-in-law) Tina Lord (sister-in-law) Starr Manning (step niece) Jack Manning (step nephew) Sam Manning (step nephew) Danielle Rayburn Manning (step neice) Zane Buchanan (step great grandchild)

Interesting Facts:

  • First appeared in Paris, Texas-Bon Jour Café October 24, 2007.
  • Gave advice to Shane, Gigi’s son.
  • Recovering alcoholic.
  • He had an affair and fell in love with his ex-lover, Echo DiSavoy.
  • Pretended to be Rex Balsom’s father.
  • Charlie learned DNA tests were switched.
  • Became distraught by all of Echo DiSavoy's lies about her son, Rex and not telling him the truth that he was really Clint's son, not his.
  • Friends:

    Viki Davidson
    Rex Balsom
    John McBain
    Gigi Morasco
    Noel Ortiz
    Moe Stubbs
    Natalie Buchanan
    Roxy Balsom


    Mitch Laurence
    Allison Perkins
    Clint Buchanan
    Echo DiSavoy

    Strongest Points:

    He is compassionate and loyal to fault. In fact his loyalty gets him in trouble. He is dependable although sometimes for the wrong reasons and suffers the consequences at a later time. Sometimes he tries too hard to make amends and prove his worth when he should let people accept him as he really is.

    History of Charlie Banks:

    We first see Charlie Banks at the Bon Jour Café in Paris Texas, October 25, 2007 where Viki has gone to reinvent herself. She happens to be his waitress where they befriend each other and eventually begin to date.

    He is full of mystery and only reveals his name to be Charlie B. He reveals to Viki that he has been married and has a son. He is a recovering alcoholic and he is in search of his son to make amends for being such a bad father. At this time Viki does not tell him that Clint Buchanan is her ex-husband and she has money in her own right.

    Due to several leads he finds his son, Jared in Llanview where Jared has been accepted as Asa’s son. Jared wants nothing to do with Charlie. Jared yells at Charlie and blames his estrangement on Charlie’s former alcohol abuse and for the way Charlie treated the children and his wife. Jared tells Charlie that he wants nothing to do with him and that the Buchanan’s are his family. They are unaware that Dorian has eavesdropped and heard the entire conversation.

    Charlie is instrumental in getting Michael McBain to Paris TX to stop Marcie in her quest for the border to protect Tommy.

    Charlie was determined to protect Jared’s identify from everyone, including Viki even though he knew the truth. He felt as if he owed it to his son. He was surprised and caught off guard after meeting Roxy. He told Rex and Adriana that his last name was “Balsom”, not realizing that Rex is Roxy’s son. Roxy tells Rex that Charlie is his real father, to keep Rex from checking into his paternity. Roxy begs Charlie to go along with the secret because the truth is worse than any lie. Charlie finally agrees to do it even though his conscience begins to bother him about lying to Viki. Eventually everything came out and he married Viki.

    Now his bad luck continues as he sets out for revenge on Mitch Lawrence – preparing to shoot him for the death of his son, Jared, who was killed by Mitch several months ago. Weeks of searching finds Charlie involved in a horrible mishap when he finds Mitch (who has kidnapped Jessica), and accidently shoots Jessica (who survives) but leaving Mitch unharmed! Viki cannot forgive Charlie for his actions and has decided they should separate leading to an impending divorce looming as Viki decides their fate. Later, Charlie was happy to be given another chance with Viki.

    When ex-lover Echo arrives at Llanfair, Charlie is shocked to learn that she and Viki are longtime rivals and wants Viki to rehire her at her newspaper company. Charlie convinced Viki to allow Echo to live with them after believing Rex was their son. But after Viki threw her out, Charlie spent the night with Echo after learning Clint doctored the DNA results. He lied to Dorian that he severed the affair so she wouldn’t tell Viki but he returned to Echo when he realized his strong passion for her.

    After appearing with Viki for Ryder’s custody hearing, Viki caught Charlie and Echo in bed. He confessed he loved Echo and Viki released him. Charlie refused Dorian’s claims that Echo knew all along Rex was not his son. However, as he and Viki listened to her and Clint’s deceptive game on tape, Echo haplessly explained her deceitful lies. Fueled by rage and betrayal, Charlie extinguished their relationship for good. After saying one last goodbye to Viki, Charlie left Llanview.

    Profile updated by Cathy Valor
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