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Blair Cramer - OLTL Character Profile


Blair Cramer - OLTL Character Profile

Blair Cramer

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Portrayed by:

About Blair Cramer:

  • A Llanview vixen but very strong-willed and will do anything to protect her children. Blair acts on emotions first and deals with the consequences of her actions later. Blair never backs down when she is facing a new challenge in her life. Blair's children are always her priority!

  • Occupations:
    Ex-Editor at The Sun, Ex-Editor of Craze Magazine (past)
    Owner of Capicorn

Place of Residence:

Currently resides at her Aunt Dorian's house with Jack and Sam.

Marital Status and Significant Romantic Relationships:

Cord Roberts
Asa Buchanan (1st husband/divorced)
Max Holden (4th husband/divorced)
Todd Manning (2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th husband/annulled)
Patrick Thornhart
Sam Rappaport
Kevin Buchanan
Spencer Truman
Elijah Clarke (married/deceased)
Tomas Delgado (ex)
Todd Manning (current)


Brendan Thornhart (son with Patrick Thornhart - lost the baby after a car accident)
Unborn baby with Todd Manning - miscarried after being mugged
Starr Manning (with Todd Manning)
Jack Manning (with Todd Manning)
Son with Todd Manning - miscarried after accident in Jan. 2007


Addie Cramer (mother)
Hope Thornhart (granddaughter)
Langston Wilde Cramer (adopted cousin)
Lou Cramer (grandfather - deceased)
Sonya Cramer (grandmother - deceased)
Dorian Cramer (maternal aunt)
Melinda Cramer (maternal aunt)
Cassie Cramer (maternal cousin)
Kelly Cramer (maternal cousin)
Paul Cramer (maternal cousin - deceased)
Adriana Cramer (maternal cousin)

Interesting Facts:

  • Came to Llanview in 1991.
  • Blair's mother Addie lived most of her life at St. Ann's Mental Hospital.
  • Made love to Max Holden on her wedding day before marrying Asa Buchanan.
  • Once had a stroke and later a brain tumor.
  • Was raised in numerous foster homes.
  • Used many schemes over the years to gain much wealth.
  • Although Blair has been with other men, Todd Manning has always been her true love.
  • Blair’s son caused another persons’ death.
  • She was shocked to learn that Todd was really Victor.
  • Blair chose the man she loved in the end but learned a surprising twist about him.


Dorian Lord
Victoria Lord Buchanan
Jessica Buchanan Vega
Adriana Cramer
Tea Delgado


Elijah Clarke (deceased)

History of Blair Cramer:

Shortly after Blair Daimler (later took on her mother's last name of Cramer) arrived in Llanview she set her sights on Asa Buchanan. However, Blair met and fell in love with Max Holden, but married Asa instead. After faking a pregnancy and revealing to Asa she had slept with Max on their wedding day Asa quickly divorced her and left her with nothing.

After repeated attempts to get back with Max failed, Blair began a new relationship with Cord Roberts. It was also around this time that Blair first met her soon-to-be true love Todd Manning. During a fight with Cord, Blair slept with Todd. Her relationship with Cord soon ended after she realized he was still in love with his ex-wife Tina. Blair found out that Todd was Victor Lord's son and was worth $27.8 million dollars. Blair set a new plan into action - marry Todd! Blair faked a pregnancy and they got married.

Blair did eventually became pregnant with Todd's child and she gave birth to Starr. Later on, Blair and Todd also had another son named Jack.

Todd was presumed dead, and Blair fell in love with Walker Laurence. After marrying Walker she discovered that he was really Todd. She swore revenge on him, but was shortly after diagnosed with a brain tumor. Her brain tumor was successfully removed, but her relationship with Todd was still strained until Starr went missing on a trip to New York.

Margaret Cochran entered their lives and caused major havoc, including Todd's kidnapping on their wedding day. Margaret's obsession with Todd and her wanting to have his baby lead her to extreme measures and she almost killed Blair. In order to save Blair, Todd finally gave into Margaret and he slept with her in which she did become pregnant.

Blair and Todd tried to rebuild their lives after the whole Margaret period, but things got even more complicated after she returned to town pregnant with his child. Enter Spencer Truman! Spencer became obsessed with Blair and eventually seduced her. Later, Blair found out Spencer was the one who had framed Todd for Margaret's murder and she set out to prove Todd's innocence. Spencer's interference with their lives caused great havoc, and just as Blair and Todd were about to reconcile, Blair fell off a roof and miscarried their baby. Blair and Todd Manning remarried to help Todd gain custody of his son, Sam, with Margaret Cochran. They have since divorced and Blair has had flings with different men. Blair is currently involved with Elijah Clarke. Blair was devastated to find out that Tea has an inoperable brain tumor. She confided in Elijah and vows to help Tea through her ordeal. After their wedding, Eli admitted to murdering his ex-wives and killing her Aunt Melinda! After shooting Eli in a burning blaze, he was later presumed dead at the morgue. Blair testified on Todd’s behalf at Dani’s custody hearing against Ross.

Blair bartered her life after Eli kidnapped the girls but abandoned the plan to rescue them. Later she found Tea alive and received confirmation of Eli’s demise. After tracking an old painting of her, Blair learned the artist Tomas was Tea’s brother. After discovering he was the cause of a classmates’ suicide attempt, Blair slapped Jack and punished him. Blair fought the reality that Todd was really Victor Lord Jr. and twin brother of Todd and kissed Victor. While trying to grasp the news of Victor’s sudden death, she comforted her children and Tea.

After Irene Manning’s death, Blair found Todd bloody at Viki’s cottage and saved him. Struggling with her feelings for Todd, she chose to be with Tomas...then chose Todd after learning that Tomas killed Victor. Todd and Blair said goodbye to Starr after she chose to pursue a singing career in L.A. Shortly after consummating their newfound union, Todd is arrested for Victor’s murder. Profile updated by Cathy Valor
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