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Adriana Cramer - OLTL Former Character Profile


Adriana Cramer - OLTL Former Character Profile

Adriana Cramer

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Current Occupation:

Clothing Designer and owner of her own company and past model for Craze Magazine

Place of Residence:

Currently lives in Paris, France after her marriage to Rex Balsom fell apart.

Significant Romantic Relationships:

River Carpenter
Duke Buchanan (deceased)
Rex Balsom




Dorian Lord (biological mother)
Ramona Colon (adoptive mother)
Manuel Santi (father - deceased)
Cesar Colon (adoptive father)
Augustico "Tico" Santi (half-brother - deceased)
Sonia Toledo (half-sister by adoption)
Cassie Carpenter (half-sister)
Antonio Vega (half-brother)
Sonya Cramer (grandmother - deceased)
Lou Cramer (grandfathr - deceased)
River Carpenter (nephew by adoption)
Jamie Vega (niece)
Melinda Cramer (aunt)
Addie Cramer (aunt)
Carlotta Vega (aunt Blair Cramer (cousin)
Kelly Cramer Buchanan(cousin)
Paul Cramer (cousin - deceased)
Cristian Vega (cousin)
Jessica Buchanan (sister-in-law)

Interesting Facts :

~ Spent most of her youth being taught by nuns at a Catholic school in Puerto Rico.
~ Inherited $30 million dollars left by her Aunt Betsy, however her mother Dorian put the money into a trust fund that she can't touch.
~ After having unprotected sex with River Carpenter, Adriana had a pregnancy scare, but later found out it was a false alarm.
~ Had her heart broken after seeing her boyfriend River making out with another girl.
~ Her own mother paid a man to stalk her in order to break up her relationship with Rex.
~ Was almost raped and killed by her stalker, Bruce Bartlett, but was rescued by Rex.


Layla Williamson
Starr Manning
Blair Cramer
Antonio Vega
Cristian Vega


Bruce Bartlett (stalker once hired by Dorian - deceased)

Strongest Points:

~ Although Adriana came to Llanview as a naive young girl, she quickly toughened up after having her heart broken and learning the harsh realities of the world around. Adriana has grown into a smart, enterprising young lady who has a good heart and a gentle soul.

History of Adriana Cramer:

Adriana Cramer arrived in 2003 after Carlotta Vega brought her to Llanview for the summer. Shortly after arriving she met and fell in love with River Carpenter. Unaware that River was actually her nephew (by adoption), Adriana, was soon whisked back to Puerto Rico. River tracked her down and brought her back to Llanview.

Dorian, River's adoptive grandmother, had also been searching for Adriana, but for her own reasons. After finding Adriana, Dorian announced that she was her biological mother. Dorian also told her that being the only unmarried Cramer woman with no children she stood to inherit $30 million from her Great Aunt Betsy.

Adriana and River continued to date and she soon lost her virginity to him. However, Adriana's happiness was short lived after she found River making out with another girl named Shannon McBain. Adriana broke up with River and he left Llanview. To complicate matters, Adriana also feared she was pregnant.

During her pregnancy scare, Adriana and Dorian grew closer, and were relieved when the pregnancy test came back negative. Soon afterwards, Adriana began dating Duke Buchanan. After Duke started spending more time at Buchanan Enterprises, Adriana soon found herself spending more time with Rex Balsom. Trying to resist her feelings for Rex, Adriana tried to keep her relationship with Duke alive, but eventually she couldn't deny her feelings any longer and her and Duke split up.

Just as Adriana and Rex's relationship started, things took a dark turn when she became the target of a deranged stalker. In order to protect her, Rex took Adriana to a secret location. However, Adriana discovered some e-mails on Rex's laptop which led her to believe that her stalker was none other than her new boyfriend. Adriana hit Rex over the head with a lamp and fled, only to be picked up by her true stalker, Bruce Bartlett. Adriana soon learned Bruce had been hired by her own mother. Bruce, deciding he wanted more money from Dorian, kidnapped Adriana and almost raped and killed her. Luckily, Rex had tracked her down and Bruce was killed.

After the ordeal with the stalker, Adriana stopped talking with Dorian and sought revenge. Eventually she learned to forgive Dorian and move on. In the meantime, Adriana started a new lingerie company with her friend Layla.
Currently Adriana is in Paris, France after all her lies to Rex destroyed their new marriage. Adriana felt it was her only choice but to get away and give Rex time to forgive her.
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