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Profile of 'One Life to Live's' Victoria Lord Buchanan

Viki Lord Buchanan - Detailed Profile and Bio


Profile of 'One Life to Live's' Victoria Lord Buchanan

Erika Slezak as Victoria Lord Buchanan

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2010
Victoria Lord Riley Burke Riley Buchanan Buchanan Carpenter Davidson Banks is the essence of kindness and good manners. She is the matriarch of the Buchanan family even though she and Clint have been divorced for years. While Viki and Clint were married, they were happy for many years. Eventually they drifted apart and then Viki married Sloan Carpenter. Through it all Clint was there for Viki and vice versa. Over the years there was much trouble caused by Niki Smith, the alter personality of Viki, who loves the freedom to act trashy. Viki is in good physical health now but has had a heart transplant and is also a breast cancer survivor.

Viki was last married to Ben Davidson. It was a story of true love turned tragic and then into a miracle when the new heart Viki received belonged to her beloved Ben. After Clint and long after Sloan, Viki met and eventually married this man, who turned out to be the long-lost son of Asa and Renée Buchanan (a half brother to Clint). They met at the Crossroads bar where Ben worked. Unbeknownst to Viki he was really a skilled surgeon on the run from the mob. After he was shot, Viki mended him in her attic and helped him recover while he hid out. A few of their favorite memories are the pair of fuzzy dice he once gave her and her rendition of "I Will Survive" on the karaoke machine. They shared a great love but it didn't last long. Niki, while trying to free herself from Viki's family pushed Ben out a window and tried to frame Natalie for it. No, this didn't kill Ben, but a short time after, Ben was shot in the head by Antonio Vega, who was trying to shoot Allison Perkins. Ben fell into a coma, only emerging once to say good-bye to his family. Dorian found out that his heart matched Viki's and she had a conversation with the comatose Ben. Ben then flat-lined, leaving his heart to Viki, (literally), whom needed a transplant to survive.

Family is the most important thing to Viki. She is the best mom to her children and has always been there for them and her brother Todd and sister Tina. Todd shares the same father as Viki, the infamous Victor Lord who was all controlling and super wealthy, and is known to have sexually molested Viki when she as little, hence her split personality also known as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Viki and Niki are distinct personalities, but only Erica Slezak can pull off Niki pretending to be Viki and Viki pretending to be Niki, and as of several years ago some other personalities emerged as well -- Tori, Jean, Tommy and a little princess. Todd (when role was played by Roger Howarth) was believed to have faked his own DID to get out of going to jail. Todd was not raised by Victor Lord, but was verbally and physically abused by his stepfather Peter Manning. This raised serious issues for Viki who was very hurt at the thought of Todd using this knowledge of this disease to fake having it. It is not hereditary.

Despite Viki's illness and its consequences, she is always there to listen to her children, encourage them and make them feel worthy, loved and valued. Her sons, Kevin and Joey are biologically Joe Riley's, her first love and a successful reporter her father did not approve of. Once, when Joe Riley had been assumed dead, Viki briefly married Steve Burke, a man approved of by Victor Lord. But Viki's heart was with Joe and they eventually found their way back to each other and were married until Joe died from brain cancer. Her second son Joey is his namesake. After this, Viki fell in love with a young newspaper man named Clint Buchanan (who Joe, knowing he was dying, had brought in to take over for him). Irene Manning Clayton, a friend of Viki's from college had asked Viki to look after her teenage daughter Tina. Tina's father was thought to be Ted Clayton but turns out it was Victor Lord. After Irene died, Ted tried to woo Viki but Clint rescued her from this con man. Viki eventually accepted her half-sister Tina Lord. Tina married/divorced Cord Roberts, Clint's biological son and they had 2 kids, Sarah and CJ Roberts. Cordero was recently seen back in Llanview for Asa Buchanan’s funeral.

Recently, OLTL used a back story to introduce two new twists. While Niki was out and about, she took Jessica, her youngest daughter (who grew up in front of our eyes in Llanview) to bars with her at night. Jessica was little, 5 or 6 years old. It was there when Jessica was targeted by a horrible man whom led her to his nearby house where she was molested and caused her to later split into Tess. Jessica and Tess are now integrated, but Viki was devastated to learn this happened to her daughter because of her own illness. Another new story used was to introduce daughter Natalie... Viki had twins and one was stolen from her at birth. Natalie and Jessica are twins but Natalie (who was secretly stolen by Mitch Lawrence) is biologically Clint's daughter. Jessica was discovered to be the daughter of Mitch Lawrence, an evil, bad to the bone man. Mitch was able to take advantage of Viki (via rape), father one of her two twins, and determine which was his at birth and steal the one that wasn't by brainwashing and blackmailing her doctor. Mitch then gave the baby to Roxy Balsom of Atlantic City, who was married to that doctor. Mitch did this in order to have Clint and Viki's biological daughter would be raised outside of the rich Buchanan family. Awhile back Mitch returned to Llanview and was briefly married to Natalie, but later turned up dead. Mitch Lawrence has been the cause of much trouble in Llanview, as well as, Allison Perkins, who was a former member of his cult.

Clint adopted Viki’s boys and raised them as his own (although he did father a son, Cord Roberts, biologically). Then Clint and Viki had Jessica. Clint and Viki raised their children Kevin, Joey and Jessica on screen for the past twenty/thirty years. When Jessica was little she was kidnapped (by Allison Perkins) and Kevin was kidnapped briefly as well. Also before Natalie showed up, there was Viki’s other daughter Megan.

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