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OLTL History and Background

Lots of information for the soap opera 'One Life to Live,' including a listing of the OLTL former cast members, and production team, plus, how and when the show first started.

'One Life to Live's' Top 5 Supercouples
'One Life to Live's' Top 5 Supercouples, including OLTL fan favorites Todd and Blair and Clint and Viki. Here's a look at how these top five couples became a part of Llanview's history and the stars who portrayed them.

John and Natalie: Love Lost and Found
A detailed recap of the love story between one of One Life to Live's greatest supercouples John McBain and Natalie Buchanan.

How to Tell if You have Arrived in Llanview
Wonder what it would be like if you found yourself trapped in the middle of this fictional town? Here's how you can tell if you have entered into this "other world."

'One Life to Live' Celebrity Guest List - OLTL Celebrity Guests
A listing of the One Life to Live Celebrity Guests

Contact Information for 'One Life to Live'
Contact information on where to write to the OLTL studio, executive producer, writers or actors of One Life to Live.

'One Life to Live' Cast Photos
Enjoy these all-new OLTL cast photos, including your favorite former stars from the show.

History and Background of ABC's One Life to Live Soap Opera
An in-depth look at the full history and background of one of the most popular soap operas, One Life to Live.

The #1 List of 'One Life to Live' Contact Information!
A complete former contact list for One Life to Live Soap Opera, including official web sites, fan clubs and addresses for the executive producer, head writer and ABC's Daytime President!

'One Life to Live' Cast Birthdays!
Ever wonder if you share a birthday with your favorite former One Life to Live star? Well here's your chance to find out in this updated list which includes all the former cast member's birth dates and location of birth.

Are you associated with ABC or 'One Life to Live'?
Information regarding association of this Web site and ABC's One Life to Live Soap Opeara

Contact Information for One Life to Live Soap Opera
Contact Information for One Life to Live Soap Opera

'One Life to Live' 101 - Facts, History and Character/Actor Profiles from OLTL
One Life to Live 101 - Overview of One Life to Live

'One Life to Live' Former Cast List
A listing of the former actors and actresses and the roles they played on the soap opera One Life to Live.

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