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"Reflections by Jill" - A Weekly Commentary on One Life to Live
May 2, 2006
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REFLECTIONS BY JILL….Before we go into last week’s shows, I want to take a minute to say that although I always look forward to watching the Daytime Emmy Awards…and although I was very disappointed with the lack of nominations our show received…I have to say that one of the highlights of the show involved the One Life To Live cast mates…who performed those beautiful musical numbers. I never get tired of hearing Kathy Brier and Renee Goldsberry sing and forgive me for not remembering her name, but the actress who plays Claudia Reston did a great job as well. Our actors who presented awards looked wonderful, especially Erika Slezak who seems to be ageless sometimes. Wouldn’t it be nice if just one year a lot of the talent on One Life To Live was recognized?

Okay, on with the show. When is that horrible man…the bane of my existence…Spencer, going to get what’s coming to him. It is just getting to be too much to have to watch him worm his way out of every accusation. I don’t think there is a person (except for Blair) who doesn’t suspect him of something evil, yet he is still walking around free.

And how stupid is Paige? Even though her secret is out of the bag she still won’t come totally clean with Bo. At this point, does she really thing that with all the suspicion that has been cast on Spencer that anyone would believe that Bo is the father of Margaret’s baby and that he set up Todd to take the fall? I liked the new Paige for a while but I think it’s time. She has to go. At this point I think she’s protecting Spencer more than Bo out of fear.

I’m not a violent person, but I have to admit that knowing that John is like a volcano about to erupt, I was hoping that he’d erupt all over Spencer when he locked himself in the office with the evil creep. I couldn’t believe Spencer’s cockiness when John tried to get the truth out of him and he said, “I know how upset you are Lieutenant, but if my father was shot I’d be thrilled.” I guess that was a shot at Asa…big surprise.

I was cheering for Bo when Paige told him that she was heading over to Jessica’s room to assist in the birth and he told her he didn’t want her to be on Jessica’s case. Hooray for Bo…Paige didn’t see that one coming. I guess she figured it wouldn’t bother him to have her hands all over his niece after she had just confessed to being drunk on duty and killing a man. Tough luck, Paige!

Does anyone think…even for a minute…that even though Paige was drunk in the operating room, she might not have been the one responsible for John’s father’s death? Does any think that it could have been Spencer who made the big mistake…Paige was too drunk to remember what happened…and he let her think she did it to protect himself and his upcoming brilliant career? Just a thought to kick around.

And just when I thought her stupidity level had sunk to an all time low, Blair outdid herself when Spencer came over and bared his cold, black soul to her…telling her the “truth” about what happened to Paige in the operating room and how he covered it up because they were so much in love and he couldn’t bare to see her career ruined. Hey Blair…I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you…real cheap! Fool! Spencer played her like a finely tuned violin…heck, like an entire orchestra. He knew exactly what he was doing when he pretended to call the police station and turn himself in to John. I was counting…1…2…3…before Blair made him hang up the phone and pacified him by telling him we all make mistakes. I never got past the count of 1! At this point, Blair deserves whatever she gets from Spencer. He has now set her up to be a part of the cover up of his dirty deeds and she’s too stupid to even think something is amiss.

It surprises me that Blair showed so much emotion when she watched the DVD that Evangeline brought her from Todd…yet she doesn’t let herself even think about believing a word he says. I think Todd got to her when he said, “Never forget that you were my life.” And still she wouldn’t budge from her belief in Spencer. Unbelievable! Even when she went and watched the DVD again by herself, she didn’t allow for the possibility that with all the bad allegations that are out there about Spencer, she sticks by his side.

Spencer was pretty worried and uneasy when he found out that David was out of town. I was thrilled that Dorian at least had the smarts to keep David’s whereabouts to herself. I’m sure Spencer is going to find out where David is anyway because I heard that David will be arrested and put in jail in Thailand and I wonder who will be behind that.

I hope they bag Spencer the way they bagged Daniel Coulson…complete public humiliation…Spencer deserves nothing less!

Didn’t you just love it when Margaret opened the door and came face to face with David? I can’t wait to see that encounter move forward. And where is little Toddie, Jr.?

This better all be over soon for John because I don’t see him being able to live through much more with any semblance of sanity. He’s not on the edge…he’s hanging off of it. And Natalie sure isn’t helping any. It’s a good think he put that GPS device on her so he could track her down. I’ve never seen anyone who could get into more trouble just by waking up in the morning. She acted like being blindfolded and put into a limo with gangsters was like just another day of the week.

I felt really bad for Michael when John went to his apartment and told him about Paige’s part in their father’s death. Michael just needed some time with his brother to deal with things and get some understand and John couldn’t sit still for what Michael needed. It’s a good thing he has Marcie.

And Kevin…what are we going to do with Kevin…drunk as a skunk and punching out his own son at Ultra Violet. In some ways Duke does need to back off…but that drunken scene was horrible…and the things Kevin said to Kelly were really nasty, too. She’s not going to hang around forever to take that garbage from him…that’s for sure.

Tess/Jess is finally going to have that baby. Imagine….a soap pregnancy that actually took just about the right amount of time…amazing. I had to laugh at Antonio when he heard Tess screaming in the labor room and criticized Nash for doing a horrible job of helping her. Hmmm….I guess Antonio could have done a better job on his own. I guess now he’s an obstetrician and knows better than everyone else what’s good for the baby’s mom. I died laughing when Antonio threatened to go into the room to Tess and Clint said, “If you go in there Antonio, I swear I’ll deck you.” These are the times that I really enjoy Clint.

And wasn’t it just a bit silly watching Tess in the bed, Jessica’s image there cheering her on…and two of the possible dads on either side? Does anyone remember that the father of that baby could be any one of many, many one-night stands that Tess had? I guess we’re supposed to forget about that.

And of course, in the midst of everything that’s going on…Dorian has to go and flaunt it in Viki’s face that Clint left his cufflink at her house the other morning. I laughed so hard when Viki said, “And I thought you had graduated from junior high school, Dorian.” Clint sure thought Viki was jealous when they discussed it later on. 

I was a little more than annoyed with Evangeline when she went to Cristian and actually apologized for basically being ungrateful when he was trying to protect her by physically restraining her and throwing her over his shoulder. Hmmm….I still think he behaved badly…sorry.

And while Dorian is wrapped up in herself and in keeping Rex away from Adriana, she is totally discounting the possibility that Adriana really has a stalker. Way to pay attention to what’s important Dorian. She never gives up…just like when she was left alone at Llanfair (what’s that about) and imagined herself being the lady of the manor. Isn’t that story kind of old? Those fantasies of hers where Kevin and Tess were her poor little stepchildren were hysterical.

And how funny was David in Thailand. He sure was persistent, especially when he offered the hotel manager a whole $5.00 for information about Spencer and Margaret.

But the laugh of the week has to go to Blair. That’s right…she did have me hysterical when she was talking to Dorian and told her, “Spencer and I have a relationship built on total honestly.” Someone, please get the restraints…a crazy woman like Blair shouldn’t be allowed to roam the streets among the normal folks!

See ya next week….

Jill Berry


Sheree writes: “Gee, how cute is it that Starr is sounding just like Todd? NOT!!! First Todd verbally and mentally abuses Blair how many times over these past years? Now Starr is doing the same thing and Blair stands there and lets her! Starr was WRONG to go to a hotel ALONE and even more WRONG to go upstairs to a man’s room ALONE, I don't care who he is. She is 13. Yes she's Starr and everyone knows her but she was WRONG! WRONG to open the door and WRONG to talk to her mother that way. Starr has become a tattletale, a liar and it's very unattractive. I know Todd will be proud of his daughter. DH is destroying Blair. To think she's going to put them back together again? I will lose all respect for Blair.”

Dear Sheree: Boy, I’d say we disagree on just about everything where Starr is concerned. I don’t know how anyone can expect Starr to behave any differently than she does when she has been raised by Todd and Blair as examples. And to be perfectly honest, I think Starr has a lot more scruples than either of her parent, which I have to believe she learned from all the time she used to spend with her Aunt Viki. Even though Blair has done some raunchy things in her life, I always thought that after all was said and done her kids came first and she made me believe that. Her recent behavior has made me think very differently about her. Are you saying that Starr is a tattletale and a liar because she blurted out to her father that her mother slept with Spencer? I think it was horrible that she had to witness it at all. Spencer made Starr believe that she could come to him and he’d help her with anything and she believed him. How can you fault her for that? And by the way, she didn’t barge into that hotel room…she tried to knock and it slid open after David taped it so that he could slip back in later on. I think Starr’s mother should remember that she’s 13 and that her brother is about 6 and think about that the next time she beds a man in an open living room with her children asleep in the next room. If you wonder why Starr is 13 going on 30…there’s your reason. I praise that girl for growing up as sane as she has and for being the caring person she is, in spite of her parents. She’s kind to Matthew…and she was going to see Spencer at his hotel because she wanted to help that boy Jesse get medication for his sister. Yep, she’s a terrible example of a young lady….I THINK NOT!

Linda writes: “I am so tired of Natalie and her stupidity, and her new career and her concern for both John and Cristian. Give both of those guys a new love interest. Move on with Jessica and Tess, enough already. I stopped watching "Days" because it moved so slow and was so excited when I started watching OLTL and how quickly it moved. What happened?”

Dear Linda: Yep, lots of people are sick of Natalie and her antics…I guess you have to get in line. I do agree that the stories have to move along much faster than they do. I don’t think there’s a soap opera on the air that moves as quickly as the fans would like it to. It’s funny that you should mention Days Of Our Lives. I used to watch that show religiously and no show moved slower than that one. I used to joke around and say that the actors on that show must get so sick and tired of wearing the same clothes for 3 weeks at a time because that’s how long it took to get through one day on Days Of Our Lives in Salem, USA.

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