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Recap by Kaydee

One Life to Live Recap for Wednesday, April 9, 2003


Poor kid! He's been shuffled between one set of parents who broke up because of the way he came into existence, then he's the kid of another set of parents who had loved and lost, then lovd and lost, who spent more time bed-hopping and skirt-chasing than they actually spent being mutual parents, then he's the brother of psycho teens, and now he's kin to a commissioner wanna-be.

We open with Gabrielle and Bo in a continuation of yesterday's revelation of Matthew's paternity. Gabrielle again apologizes for her actions, and then there's a demanding knock at the door. Bo answers the door for Nora. She barges in after a hurried apology for coming so late, and heads straight for Gabrielle. Why was Gabby in her house reading Sam's letter to her son? Gabby confesses all, and then excuses herself. Nora tells her that they're not finished, but Bo tells Nora to let Gabby leave.

Nora is appalled that Bo would ask her to do that. She crossed the line, Bo. She came into my house and read a private letter to my son! How could she do that when my child just lost his daddy? No, Nora, he didn't lose his dad. Huh? WHAT! Matthew is my son! HUH? WHAT?!

Bo sits her down and shows her the infamous package. Nora slowly reaches for the envelope, and reaches for the letter with even more caution. She reads the letter from Sam, which explains everything. Sam's ghost appears to read some of the letter, (clever move from TPTB!), and the camera switches back and forth between Nora and Phantom Sam reading it.
He found out that the lab they'd used had been compromised while he was working on a negligence case one year after he and Bo had taken their DNA test. He didn't want to believe that after he and Bo had guarded the samples with all of their might, but when he retested, the test results came out in favor of Bo. He repeated the re-rest twice, and there was no doubt that Bo was Matthew's father.

He tells her that he tried to tell Matthew, but that day the child had handed him a drawing, which he included in the package to help them understand why he couldn't bring himself to tell Matt the truth. Bo and Nora reach into the envelope and pull out a drawing of Matthew and Sam.

She is angry. She's been lied to her whole life by so many people ABOUT her life, and Sam was the one person she was always able to count on to be honest with her, and he had them living the biggest lie of all!

Bo tries to defend Sam, saying that he didn't know about it all along. Nora sums it up by saying that there are no excuses for Sam's actions. He had more than enough time to come clean. Anyway, the two of them come to a hard decision to keep the truth from Matthew until he's had adequate time to grieve for the father he knew. Nora apologizes to Bo for the time lost with his son. She leaves, and Bo sits on his sofa in deep thought.


Gabrielle and Max sit at a booth, on the opposite side of the diner from their son's table. Gabby is anxious, and her finger-tapping on the table is driving Max crazy. He firmly sets his hand over hers to stop the noise, and she apologizes to him. She tells him she is dying to know what is going on between Nora and Bo right now. Max corrects her, saying that she really wants to know what's going on between Bo and HER. She agrees, asking him if he thinks she's ruined her chances with him by destroying the letter. Max tells her that she's being too hard on herself. She confessed everything and told Bo something he really needed to know.

Gabby asks him to give her an OPINION, please? He tells her that his money's on her, and she smiles.

Story B: The Teens

First, we start with Marcie. She is nervous because she spots Joey sitting at a booth with his sisters. She is trying to avoid seeing him. Al comes over and asks Marcie for more coffee. She absent-mindedly pours him some coffee, but doesn't stop at the fill line, and the hot liquid goes streaming over the top of the cup and all over the counter. Al calls her on it, telling her to get a grip. She tells him to back off, he got his coffee, didn't he?

Halfway through his complaining, the phone rings. Marcie ignores Al and answers the phone. It's Cristian, looking for Natalie. Marcie tells him that she'll get her, but Cris asks her instead to give her a message for him.

Marcie writes the message down on a guest check, then walks over and slaps it down on the table in front of Nat before hurrying away from Joey. The Buchanans look at her strangely and Joey rushes after her to settle the tension. Nat picks up the message and reads aloud: "I want to give you a chance to get to heaven's door. Go meet an angel and you're almost there."

Nosy Jess asks her what it means, and after a little bit of confusion, Natalie's eyes brighten with recognition and she races off. She stops at the statue of an angel in Angel Square, and there's a note taped to its hand. It says, "Click your heels three times and you'll know where to go next."

She goes home and there's another note. It reads, "You're at heaven's door, but this room has no ceiling."

Inside, Cris is putting the finishing touches on a painting he's working on, and when he hears her moving outside, he quickly puts a sheet over the easel and hides behind it. She comes in and calls out to him. He steps out from behind the easel and tells her that he wants to give her the rest of heaven....

He pulls the sheet down from over the easel to reveal a beautiful painting of a landscape and the words: "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" are painted in italics across the middle.

Joey tells Marcie that they have to talk about the kiss. They can't keep getting into these awkward situations every time they run into each other, so let's clear the air. Joey tells her that he should have been more clear in his talk with her, but nevertheless, he doesn't want them to lose their friendship. She's been a great friend, and he misses her at the community center. He tells her that one day soon, the absolute perfect man for her is going to arrive. She hushes him, and tells him that he already has....she points to the radio, where The Voice of the Night is speaking.

Antonio and Cole face-off. Antonio tells him that they're not in Statesville anymore, so stay out of his life, away from his mom, and out of his way. He walks off, but Cole tells him that he heard about the tragedy that took his fiancee and child. Crash, boom! Tough break!

Antonio goes for his throat, he throws him down onto a car and threatens to lock him up if he so much as breathes wrong. They part ways, and Antonio calls his precinct to find out if the background check on Cole has turned up anything. He gets the date that Cole was released, and realizes that Cole's first stop was Llanview. He hangs up and Jess comes over to talk to him.

Cole is watching them through the window. Later, as Jess walks through Angel Square, Cole deliberately bumps into her, then calls her Daria. She says her name isn't Daria. He tells her that she looks just like someone named Daria. Is she sure she ain't got a twin? Well, she does, but her name's not Daria.

Well, what is your name, so I can tell Daria?

It's Jessica.



Jessica Buchanan...Cole walks away with a potential target, Jess walks away a sucker with no sense of knowing not to talk to strangers.

Stay tuned, folks!


Recap written by Kimberley Barnett, © Copyright by Katherine Thurston & 2003.

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