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Recap by Karolyn Ryan


Dorian’s Mansion

Kelly and Blair return from a shopping spree, talking about fixing up the mansion to make it more of a home for the new baby. They are startled by pounding on the front door – it’s Todd, posting an eviction notice. Todd tells Blair he has spoken to a lawyer about Blair’s latest predicament and how he is sure that it could be bad for Starr. He is so afraid Max and Blair would try to steal Starr’s assets, that he got a court order giving him custodial rights to Starr’s money. Kelly vows to get even. Blair is afraid Todd is trying to gain custody of Starr.

Todd maintains that Blair is on the edge and could snap at any moment. He doesn’t think she is capable of providing a stable home for Starr. Kelly says she will buy a home for Blair. Todd points out Kelly’s misfortune with men and doesn’t think a judge will see her as a good role model either.

Blair believes Max will never allow her to go to prison and vows to keep both Starr and the new baby away from Todd. Todd directs his movers to get Starr’s stuff out of the mansion. He shows Blair the headline of tomorrow’s Sun – Murdering Mom Now a Homeless Deadbeat. Kelly counters with a copy of the Banner reader’s poll asking if Todd is insane or in love. Todd is amused. Blair taunts Todd about having Max’s baby and leaves.

As the movers remove the furniture, Todd sits on the steps reading a letter Blair wrote to him on their wedding day. He burns the letter.

Police Station – Bo’s Office

Lindsay demands the truth from Lanie about what happened to their father. Hank tries to shuttle her out, but Lindsay persists. Bo tells her it is a police investigation and she should take her family issues up at a later time. Lanie wants to confess and tells Bo she killed Colin because he was blackmailing her about her father. Lanie is convinced Bo will leave her because she killed Colin. Bo tries to make excuses for Lanie, but she tells him she also killed her father.

Lindsay lashes out at Lanie for killing their father. Lanie maintains that her father begged her to give him a lethal dose of morphine. Lanie tells Bo she is a murderer. That’s enough for Hank – he wants Bo to arrest her. Bo refuses.

Lindsay believes Lanie killed Colin to protect herself from blackmail. Colin knew the truth and Lanie killed him to silence him, Lindsay cries. Lindsay asserts that Lanie killed their father to get his money. Lanie can’t deny that she inherited everything from their father, but swears she didn’t know he had changed his will right before he died. Lindsay doesn’t believe Lanie’s story. Why didn’t you call me to his bedside? Lindsay wants to know. Their father didn’t want her there, Lanie maintains. Her father believed Lindsay would stop Lanie from killing him. You’re a regular saint – not saying anything and allowing her family to be questioned, Lindsay spits. You’re not a good person; Lindsay tells Lanie and disowns her before storming out. Lindsay volunteers to testify against Lanie at the murder trial.

The Palace Bar

Lindsay recalls memories of her and Lanie as children and rips up a family picture.

The Country Club

Max is stunned to pull off the bride’s veil and reveal Gabrielle. He flashes back to their steamy and troubled past together. Gabrielle tells him she has found her way home, just like she promised. Asa and I are married, Gabrielle boasts. Asa says Alex was just a smoke screen – to get even with Max for pretending to be his son. Asa leaves to let Alex out.

Andrew congratulates Gabrielle and leaves. Max asks what game Gabrielle is playing. Gabrielle doesn’t pretend she loves Asa, but taunts Max about his inattentiveness while she was in prison. She tells Max her hardships have taught her how to take care of herself – which made her more than willing to marry Asa.

Max tells Gabrielle that Asa is using her and he cares because she is the mother of his son. Gabrielle is surprised Max remembers Al, since he didn’t send child support and never called – he was too busy with his girlfriends. Max thinks Gabrielle is only out for revenge. Gabrielle wants to know why Max never thought of them while he was masquerading as Asa’s son.  She says it’s Max’s turn to be poor and she intends to have all the advantages of Asa’s money.

Max sarcastically wishes Asa and Gabrielle well. Asa tells Max what a wonderful mother Gabrielle is. Max wonders what Al thinks of his mother’s latest union. Ask him yourself, Gabrielle says. Al walks up and hugs Asa. Max is mortified.

The Palace Bar

Renee is notified that “someone claiming to be the former Mayor of Llanview” is screaming in one of the rooms. Renee is amused and opts not to let her out just yet.

Alex’s room

Alex is banging on the door demanding to be let out so she can attend her wedding. Nigel comes to her rescue. Asa tells her she’s too late – he married Gabrielle instead – the eleventh Mrs. Buchanan. Alex goes berserk and threatens to sue Asa. You already have $30 million and that’s all you’ll get, Asa says. Alex vows to make Asa pay.

Llanview Hospital

Blair visits Dr. Conklin and learns she is not in her second trimester – she is barely half way through the first. Blair comes to the realization that it is not Max’s baby – it’s Todd’s…

Line of the Day:
Todd responding to Kelly’s Banner headline: A reader’s poll. You have learned much, grasshopper.


Recap written by Karolyn Ryan , copyright by Katherine Thurston, 
and , 2001

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