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Asa arrives at the bar where Rourke bases his operations. He demands to know
who shot his son. "Is Ben your son?" Rourke quips. He means Max, Asa
declares, as he shows the mobster a copy of The Sun that bears the news.
Rourke is non-committal. "Did one of your goons shoot him or not?" Asa
barks. Rourke denies all responsibility. Asa then muses that perhaps Gray
shot Max, but Rourke insists that the hit man is long gone. He botched the
job, so good riddance, Rourke adds. Asa, not entirely convinced that Gray is
blameless, orders Rourke and his men to stay away from Ben and Max. Rourke
counters that Asa may well want to get to the hospital, in case whoever took
aim at his son should decide to try again.

Over at Llanview Hospital, Blair sits anxiously at Max's side. She flashes
back to the night of the shooting, and is startled by Rae's arrival. Ms.
Cummings expresses her concern for Blair, who is initially hostile.
Eventually, Blair admits that she needs some air, and agrees when Rae offers
to stay with Max. Renee enters the room. Rae stammers an apology for being
there, but Renee insists that none is needed. It's time they get to the
truth, she suggests. It's not fair for Rae to keep living in limbo, she
adds. She's getting used to it, Rae counters. Renee reveals that she's
decided to talk to a doctor about doing another DNA test on Max. Rae is
amazed that Renee would do this for her, but Renee tells her that she
understands the stress of not knowing who your child is, and this is a way
for at least one of them to find something out. Rae confesses that she's
wanted to know the truth for months, but now that the possibility exists,
she's hesitant. Renee opines that it's perhaps because Max is not the son
Rae hoped for. Rae wonders what Renee sees in Max, and urges her friend to
"tell me who he is, please." "Max is a contradiction," Renee begins, as she
goes on to explain the ways in which Max reminds her of Asa, and the times
that he's been so very supportive to her. They also discuss Max's children,
and Renee outlines what a devoted father Max has been. There is so much good
in Max, Renee continues, and perhaps Rae will be able to bring more of that
out. "Well, what's it going to be? Are you going to go for the test?" "Yes.
Yes, I am," Rae asserts.

Outside, in the hall, Renee informs Rae that they're all set to go. The
women hug. While Rae is still a bit wary, at least she'll finally get some
answers. The test results will be available in two weeks, the doctor tells
her. "What test?" Asa asks, as he exits the elevator. Rae lies that she's
been feeling run down, so the doctor is checking her out. Asa thanks her for
giving blood to Max. She was glad to do it, Rae replies. Of course she was,
Asa responds, as her blood is now coursing through the body of a Buchanan.
Rae manages not to gag, and Renee sends Asa in to see Max. Once the two
women are alone again, Rae thanks Renee profusely.

Meanwhile, Todd drags Blair into a storage room. He reveals that he thinks
the cops are getting suspicious, since they paid him an early morning visit
at the penthouse. They didn't have a warrant, though, so he sent them away.
Blair begins to panic, but Todd assures her that she has nothing to fear,
since Skye shot Max. Blair begs Todd not to play with her head. She's
worried enough about her sanity. Todd swears that Skye is guilty, and he
reveals that he's planted the gun in her room. He insists that Blair has to
believe Skye pulled the trigger if she's to fool the police. Blair is
stunned that Todd did all of this for her and she hugs him in thanks. He'll
figure out a way she can pay him back, Todd declares. "Okay, Todd, what do I
have to do? What's the price?" Blair asks warily.  "Your undying gratitude,"
Todd replies. Blair agrees to go along with Todd's plan, given all that Skye
has done to her. In fact, she hopes they send her nemesis to the electric
chair, Blair spits. She then requests that Todd take her to see Starr, but
he refuses. She needs to stay by Max's side, to maintain the charade. She
doesn't want to, because she's reminded of the shooting. Todd suddenly
senses that Blair will take Max back, no matter what he's done, but Blair
denies this. She'll never be able to love Max in the same way again, since
he slept with Skye the day after he promised to love Blair forever when they
renewed their wedding vows, Blair explains. The important thing is for
everyone in Llanview to believe she still loves Max, Todd says. Can she pull
that off? As long as he stands by her, she can, Blair responds.

Across town, Skye is engaged in a futile attempt to get information about
Max. She slams down the phone just as there's a knock on her door. It's
John, wanting some answers about the night Max was shot. Skye denies she had
anything to do with the deed. John suggests that, if she cooperates, it will
be easier to rule her out as a suspect. "I have nothing to hide," Skye
claims, as she lets John in to her room. He quizzes her as to her reasons
for being at the Buchanan mansion the other evening. She needed protection
from Blair, Skye insists. She shows John her ruined clothes and admits that
Blair cut her hand with a pair of scissors. John can't believe that Blair
would go to such extremes simply because Max dumped her, but Skye reminds
the detective that Blair had lost more than just her husband - she was also
losing money and power.

As Todd and Blair exit the supply closet, they run right into John. He
queries Blair on her state of mind the day of Max's shooting. Blair admits
to being upset, but John counters that he's heard it was stronger than that.
"Homicidal rage" is the term he recalls being mentioned. Blair eventually
tells him that she did cut up Skye's clothes and that it was an immature
reaction, but the woman chopped off all her hair some time ago, so they're
even. Todd jumps in with his own opinion. The two women hate each other, he
maintains, but this doesn't mean that Blair had anything to do with what
happened to Max. John outlines his belief that Blair had sufficient motive
for the shooting, what with having seen Skye in bed with Max. Blair denies
having done so, and suggests John should investigate Skye. Does she have
reason to suspect her? John wonders. Well, Skye is accusing her, so what
does he expect? "I expect you to confess," Skye exclaims, as she faces
Blair. The women immediately begin to hurl accusations at each other, as
John attempts to calm things down. Asa steps out of Max's room to announce
to the assembled that the patient is awake. John, Blair, Skye and Todd rush
in. "Who shot you, Max?" John asks. Max remains silent, but his gaze fixes
on Blair.

Kevin heads to Llanfair to check up on his mother and Ben. He's shocked to
find that no one is home - even more so when the officer on duty swears that
the Davidsons have not left the property. As Kevin wonders what could have
happened, Jackie surprises him in the library. The mobster explains that Ben
and Viki decided to go on a honeymoon. Kevin is curious as to how they
escaped the house undetected, but Jackie decides he'll keep that secret. He
advises Kevin that he, Kelly and Joey should lay low, just as Ben and Viki
are doing, given that Gray has not yet been caught.

In a small room, Gray stares at the morning Banner. He spots his picture
under the headline 'Have You Seen This Man?', and crumples the paper. He
then removes his disguise, revealing himself to be Charlie, Blair's computer
geek. He laughs as he compares his true self to the photo in the news.

There's tension in the air as Kelly and Joey meet in the living room of
Dorian's house. He comments on his brother's snoring, but Kelly responds
that she wouldn't know about that, since she and Kevin have yet to sleep
together. Joey assures her that she needn't hold off on his account, but
Kelly confesses that she's not ready to do so, since she's still married to
Joey. She wonders why her almost-ex husband is trying to force her into
Kevin's bed. They're a couple and he can handle it, Joey states. She can
stop trying to cushion the blow. Kelly reiterates that, until she's
officially divorced, Kevin will be sleeping on the couch. Even though they
got married for the wrong reasons, her vows mean something to her, she adds.
Joey expresses his hope that they can still be friends. They both admit that
they care for each other, and Kelly remarks that she feels safe with him.
The two share a hug just as Kevin arrives. Ignoring what he's just seen,
Kevin informs them that Gray is still on the loose.

Joey is shocked that his mom and Ben have split. Kevin explains that Jackie
believes someone from the mob is after Ben, but that they don't think it's
Gray. Hearing this, Kelly opines that she's in the clear. Kevin reminds her
that she can identify Gray, so he may well want her silenced. She refuses to
live in fear, so Kevin sets off to phone Bo in order to ensure his best
officers are on guard. Once they're alone, Joey confesses to Kelly that he's
moving ahead with the divorce, so that she can get on with her life. Moments
later, however, he calls his lawyer and tells him to postpone the hearing.
"I've decided not to give up on my marriage. I still love my wife," Joey

At The Banner, Kevin and Kelly kiss. They begin to discuss Joey, but are
interrupted by Charlie's arrival. He wants to install some new software, he
explains. Kevin leaves the room, but Kelly stays. She's oblivious to the
fact that she's seated inches away from Ben's shooter.


Recap written by Ann McGowan, copyright by Katherine Thurston, 
and , 2000.

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