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Interview with OLTL Head Writers Josh Griffith and Michael Malone

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ONE LIFE TO LIVE couldn't be happier: They've just re-hired former Emmy winning head writers Josh Griffith and Michael Malone. While Griffith will now Head Write, Malone will operate from his home base  in North Carolina as a Creative Consultant. Can they save the show? There's a darned good chance....

Digest: So why come back now?

Michael Malone: Because it was ONE LIFE. Because it was wonderful. My interest was if Josh were the head writer, could I find a relationship with the show? It was absolutely tied to Josh for me.

Josh Griffith: That was it. In the talks [with new ABC Daytime President Brian Frons], I said, "Is Michael coming back, too?" That was the hook.

Malone: It was wonderful for ABC to work out a way for me to have a relationship with the show in the midst of my career of being a novelist. That we were able to come to that sort of relationship and know that the show was in the best possible hands with Josh was perfect.

Digest: So what is a creative consultant?

Griffith: It means that he's not living in New York!

Malone: That's what it seems to mean to me, because we're doing everything the way we used to.

"...we couldn't have done this without email."
Quote by Michael Malone.

Griffith: Thank God for emails and computers and stuff. We can connect.

Malone: We're in constant communication all day. It's amazing. we couldn't have done this without email. Instant messaging. We email each other and send instant messages.

Griffith: "Oh, I sent you an email. Go check it."

Malone: It's actually much easier than when we were in offices at the end of the hall, and one of the other of us had to get up and walk into the other's office. Now you just hit a button. I couldn't have worked that way with anybody else. I know what he's thinking, I know what he's doing. He's very fast and just brilliant. [Addressing readers] Y'all don't have to ever worry about a thing. We both love being back.

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