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Mitch Laurence Bio
Was portrayed by actor Roscoe Born
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Mitch Laurence

Mitch Laurence biography written by Richard Schwertfager

Mitchell Laurence, the unscrupulous religious fanatic, arrived in Llanview in the early part of 1985 – he was after Tina Roberts. Mitch arrived in Llanview with a hidden agenda, only half of which would be revealed before he was “killed” in 1986.

            Mitch took solace in the Lord – a term that would go beyond the meaning of the conventional notion of “God.” Mitch was skilled in the art of brainwashing, rendering his whole congregation under his power of persuasion.

            Mitch seduced Tina and continued to have a sexual hold over her. The only reason Mitch was interested in Tina was because she was rich. Mitch then found out that Tina would inherit Victor Lord’s entire estate – should Viki suffer from a reoccurrence of her DID.

Mitch schemed up a plan to kill Clint, hoping this would bring out Niki – thus giving all of the Lord fortune to Tina. Ironically, it was Tina who botched up Mitch’s plan. Tina caught wind of Mitch’s plan and opted to put an end to it…and him. Tina grabbed the gun away from Mitch, Mitch tried to get it back as Niki lay in a drunken stupor. Mitch regained control of the gun and fired at, who he thought was Clint. It was a man named Harry O’Neill who was shot and killed.

Unfortunately for Tina, Mitch had an airtight alibi for his whereabouts during the murder and Niki was now Viki and recalled nothing of the events that transpired that evening. Eventually Niki reemerged and confirmed it was Mitch who killed Harry. Mitch was caught and sent to prison.

In 1986, Mitch was released from prison and returned to Llanview. Mitch returned as a “born-again evangelist” with a plan to make Tina’s life miserable. He used the power of persuasion and, with the help of drugs, recruited younger women into his cult. Mitch would get these women to do his dirty work.

            The only person that would not fall victim to his ways was Victoria Lord, whom dismissed Mitch as soon as she realized what a scoundrel he was. In retaliation, Mitch drugged Viki and raped her. It wasn’t known until years later that, Mitch has impregnated Viki while she was already pregnant! Viki had twins and didn’t even know it, unfortunately at the time her alter ego Niki was in control.

            A young news reporter, Cassie Callison, caught wind of Mitch’s cult and began an investigation. Mitch knew that Cassie’s mother, Dorian Cramer Lord Callison, was loaded – he eventually found out Cassie’s trust fund toppled a million dollars. Mitch set his sights on wooing her, Cassie pretended to fall victim of his charm just to get information. When Mitch wanted to sleep with Cassie, she refused. Mitch took drastic measures and attempted to rape her.

            For fear of her life and her daughter’s life, Dorian took a hefty swing with a candlestick and cracked Mitch in the back of the head. Mitch was presumed dead and Dorian stood on trail and was convicted of murder – lucky for Dorian, an audio-cassette tape was found that proved Dorian acted in self defense. Finally, the terrible reign of Mitchell Laurence was over…or so everyone thought.

            In 2002, Mitch resurrected and returned to Llanview to finish out what he had started nearly twenty years before. Mitch, secretly, had made a deal with the devil himself. Victor Lord, who was presumed dead in 1976, was really alive. Living a secluded life at a private ranch. Victor’s health was failing and he was in need of a heart. The only way he could get a heart was to take one – from his granddaughter. Mitch adopted the name “Michael Lazarus” and resumed his conniving ways. 

            “Michael” met Natalie Balsom and wooed her into marrying him. Natalie tried to divorce him after learning who Michael really was but he had other plans. Mitch took Natalie, against her will, to meet with Victor Lord. Victor signed over his will to Mitch, in return Mitch was to transplant his granddaughter’s heart into his body. The operation was cut short after Viki barged in, almost having a heart attack herself after realizing that her father was still alive.

            Mitch was taken back to Llanview and put in jail but released on a technicality. Mitch continued his devious workings and set his sights on getting rid of Troy MacIver. He concocted a plan where he brainwashed Lindsay Rappaport into killing her ex-lover, who was now involved with Blair Cramer – Dorian’s niece. Lindsay, with gun in hand,  snuck into Blair’s apartment with the intent of killing Troy. Lindsay raised the gun and aimed at Troy’s back, she pulled the trigger and Troy slumped over. Her job was done. Lindsay approached the body and realized that it wasn’t Troy, but her ex-husband Sam Rappaport.

Mitch was then reunited with one of his faithful followers, Allison Perkins. It was Allison who revealed to Viki that she had twins. Niki confirmed this by telling Viki she was “more of a mother than she knew.” It turns out that Natalie Balsom was really Natalie Buchanan, now Natalie Laurence. Natalie’s twin sister, Jessica Buchanan, was Mitch’s daughter.  Viki couldn’t believe that Jessica was Mitch’s daughter, she quickly sent Jessica away for fear of what Mitch might do to her.

It was also revealed that, in 1985, Mitch had brainwashed Allison into a baby-switching scheme. Mitch made Allison break into Llanfair and steal Viki’s baby – who was really Natalie but everyone thought she was Jessica. Allison was to replace Viki’s baby, Natalie, with the other twin, Jessica – the twin that Mitch “let” Walter Balsom keep.

Walter was the doctor who delivered Viki’s babies. In exchange for his silence, Mitch agreed to let Walter keep one of the babies he had delivered. After learning that Walter had his daughter, through a paternity test, Mitch concocted the baby-switching scheme. With everything that Allison did, everything was in place – Viki’s baby, Natalie, was in the possession of Walter and Jessica was now with Viki. The only reason for the switch was because Mitch wanted his daughter to grow up in the luxury that the Buchanan’s would give her.

            Mitch kept in constant contact with a mysterious woman, who was basking in the sun on the West coast. This mysterious woman heard of Mitch’s installation in Victor’s will and planned to “get what she deserved.” The mysterious woman finally arrived in Llanview – it was none other than Dorian.

            Dorian heard of Mitch’s plan to acquire Victor Lord’s estate. She devised a plan to marry Mitch and swipe everything out from under him, everything she thought that she deserved. Mitch was too smart and conniving to let that happen, though he did not divorce Dorian their marriage was less than perfect.

            Mitch then concocted a plan to get rid of Todd Manning, heir to Victor Lord’s estate. Mitch and his followers beat Todd to, what they thought was death, and threw him to the side of the road. Todd’s on-again-off-again bride, Blair, caught wind of this and sought revenge on Mitch.

Jessica returned to Llanview and wanted absolutely nothing to do with her father, while Mitch tried desperately to win her love and affection. Mitch almost had it after Jessica caused him to go blind, by accidentally pushing Mitch into a shelf and a cleaning chemical streamed down his face into his eyes. Jessica felt horrible after this accident and thought the only way to justify her guilt was to try to become amicable with Mitch.

Taking advantage of his blindness, Blair and Dorian concocted a plan to make Mitch go insane. They would constantly ring the doorbell and claim they heard nothing, they would play a tape of someone screaming only to tell Mitch that he was hearing things. Finally they lured Mitch into an abandoned theater and saw him take a plunge into the Llantano River.

After thinking Mitch was dead, Dorian had Mitch’s lawyer read his will. To Dorian’s surprise, Mitch left everything to Jessica. Dorian as furious, the estate that she worked so hard to get was taken away from her with a single piece of paper. Jessica returned the estate to her mother and tried to go on with her life.

Mitch was found and nursed back to health by a complete stranger. Mitch was rendered unconscious in the days following his recovery, but soon regained his composure. Mitch was able to see again, he opened his eyes to see a familiar face – his brother Walker Laurence was the one who had found him and nursed him back to health. Only Walker wasn’t Walker, he was Todd Manning in disguise. It was Todd’s plan to get Mitch back for what he did to him.

Mitch returned to Llanview and kidnapped Jessica, he took her to another Victor Lord hideaway – Lion’s Heart. Lion’s Heart was in the middle of the dense Llanview forest. After keeping her drugged and locked up for months, Antonio Vega – Jessica’s boyfriend – and Bo Buchanan – Jessica’s uncle – found Victor’s secret hideout. Mitch was brought back to Llanview and charged with the murder of Sam Rappaport.

Mitch was able to pay off a police officer to free him from his cell. Mitch made his way down to the docks where, coincidentally, Jessica was visiting. Mitch pleaded his case to Jessica, begging her to return to Lion’s Heart with him so they could be a real family. Jessica told Mitch that she wanted nothing to do with him and started to run away. Mitch grabbed Jessica to stop her from running, Jessica spun around and grabbed at the first thing she could get her hands on – a lead pipe. Jessica swung the pipe and Mitch fell to the ground. He was, again, dead.

The suspect list grew rapidly, everyone in town wanted Mitch dead – but nobody knew who had the guts to do it. Jessica, traumatized by the event, completely blacked it out from her memory and recalled nothing from that night. Walker/Todd had the body immediately cremated so no autopsy could be performed.

Jessica slowly began to remember the events that unfolded the night Mitch was killed. She vividly remembered striking her father over the head and killing him. Jessica turned her confession in to Bo, who happens to be her uncle and the commissioner of police. Bo in turn tore up the confession, thus putting the wrath of Mitchell Laurence to an end once and for all. 

© Katherine Thurston, About One Life to Live Fans, April, 2006.
© Photos copyrighted by ABC Daytime, 2004 and Soap Opera Digest, 2003


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