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Readers Respond: What do you think about ABC cancelling 'The Revolution'?

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What do you think about ABC cancelling 'The Revolution'? Plus, what do you think about 'General Hospital' bringing so many Llanview characters over to Port Charles? Some fans are saying GH is just becoming a take-off of OLTL, do you agree or disagree?

Please bring back our soaps

Please bring back One Life to live. You can join the people in Lainvie with the folks in Pine Valley. Bring back OLTL.
—Guest Char Griffin

OLTL was a classy show

Please bring back OLTL. It was my favorite soap and had so many characters and storylines that connected. People had real relationships for a soap. All of the actors were really good and I miss them. The stories ended happy for most when the show ended but then some moved on to GH and that made for too much tragedy. ABC made a huge mistake in taking OLTL off of the air- ratings are way down but I guess profits are up. No class ABC to disrespect your viewers so badly with all of the replacment horrible shows. Bring back OLTL!
—Guest Sharon


i hate looseing jason chareter o gh.o do not want sam with macbain...i do how ever want ricky lake and the stupid chew cancelled.and bring back my soaps .....face abc soaps are a part of some peoples lifes.we want them back..and heads up the bold and beatuiful is pretty good....try it....
—Guest kj519yahoo.com

Good Job

Now get rid of The Chew and Katie. I don't care to watch people cook and eat and get a golden bunt ring. I'm sure Katie isn't going to last very long because it stinks. Must say that GAA was pretty good. But we still would like to see the ABC soaps back. Even if you join them together something like they are doing now with OLTL and GE. But bring back all 3.
—Guest Patty

Cancelling the The Revolution

There are too many talk shows on daytime tv....and I want "One life to Live" back!! I have turned the television off during the day because of this change to daytime talk shows, plain & simple!! I want "ONE LIFE TO LIVE" back ON THE THE AIR!!!!
—Guest Grantu8


I want to see ONE LIFE TO LIVE back on TV!! I do not watch the talk shows that have replaced them...ever!! It's ridiculous to flood daytime tv with talk shows!!! It's even more ridiculous to combine OLTL with GH!!! I understand the powers that be are just trying to keep both shows actors employed, but I have lost interest in GH, because it's not GH any longer!! PLEASE....bring back OLTL!!!!

My opinion of ABC TV

I quit watching everything on ABC except for the local news the day OLTL ended. I now watch cooking shows on the Cooking Channel and the Food channel from 1-2 and CBS TV programs from 12 to 1. I also watched AMC but was not as dedicated a fan as I was to OLTL which I watched from its first show. The arrogance and lack of viewer loyalty from ABC's executives has disgusted me. They decided they didn't need any of us when they decided to axe OLTL and AMC. It's foolish for us to watch anything they offer.
—Guest bayleaf1012

Being back OLTL

I miss my favorite soap opera show. I have not and will not watch the replacement shows. ABC made a big mistake taking OLTL off the air. ABC become my favorite network again and bring back OLTL and AMC.
—Guest Sandra




I knew it wouldn't last they should of left OLTL on and they would not has lost VIEWERS.We all tried to tell them but you know BIG WIGS they think they know whats best LISTEN TO YOUR FAITHFUL VIEWERS. WE WANT OLTO BACK DONT BE STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
—Guest Linda Sue

Revolution.....gone.....about time

Listen up soap folks. ABC did unforgivable thing to cx. AMC &OLTL and worse than that to try and replace with yet another talk program. Bad mistake and then the revolution was gone. Now as to GH. It's time to leave my soap alone. GH will always be great and adding whatever cast from OLTL and AMC also can only make it better. I miss OLTL and AMC terribly but I would like to say thanks to Y&R and GH for having the wisdom to add these great stars to your cast. I applaud you. Don't cut back now...
—Guest Connie b


Bing back One Life to Live and General Hospital. Or at least One Life to Live Or General Hospital.
—Guest Brenda M.

Big Mistake

OTL was getting far more viewers than The Revolution and Good Afternoon America. Isn't it obvious? They didn't last a year let along the years that OLTL lasted. I personally watched it for over 39 years. I miss it terribly. I've tried General Hospital and love to see John McBain and Todd. Would love more caracters move over, especially Rex. I don't know where ABC brains are...or wait...I think I do know where they are.

Cancelling "The Revolution"

I agree with the fans of AMC and OLTL. Another reality tv show was not good enough to replace the two number one shows of day time television. I set my DVR everyday to record those two soaps so that I could relax and enjoy them once I was home from work. Bring them back and watch your ratings increase.
—Guest Indi

What do you think about ABC cancelling "

I think its great that the Revolution was cancelled. I think it was a stupid show and enough with the so called "Reality TV". That's enough of that, bring back OLTL and AMC.
—Guest Indi

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