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Readers Respond: What do you think about ABC cancelling 'The Revolution'?

Responses: 329


What do you think about ABC cancelling 'The Revolution'? Plus, what do you think about 'General Hospital' bringing so many Llanview characters over to Port Charles? Some fans are saying GH is just becoming a take-off of OLTL, do you agree or disagree?

a.b.c. daytime sucks

bring back one life to live. take off the talk shows that are senceless.
—Guest kelly

you guys are crazy

I have watched one life to live" for 43 years and cancelling this show is absolutely insane everybody on this soap is so special and we miss them all terribly and hope and pray you reconsider bring them back
—Guest Sherry Arias

The Revolution

Hate the show. Glad it is going off the air. Need to cancel The Chew also and bring back both of the soap opera,All My Children and One Life to live.
—Guest Brenda

Nothing good to watch anymore.

ABC, you've taken the good shows off the air, OLTL, Missing with Ashley Judd, what next? As a matter of fact, since I don't have cable, there's not much else to watch. I sure as heck am not watching on ABC anymore. We fans want to know whats happening to the actors, are they working? I've seen some on GH, but I'm sick of the Kate, Sonny, Maxie, Matt, lines. We want to be able to watch John and Natalie build a life together with their little boy. Also, to be able to watch the Victor, Tea, Todd, Blair relationships. We can't forget Viki, the main gal, she is a great actress. Please put OLTL back on, your rating will soar and you will make the fans happy!
—Guest Mary

No ABC for me---EVER.

I watche OLTL since the early 70's. ABC has nothing for me. I watch nothing on this channel. In fact, it is deleted from my channel lineup. Please, ABC listen to the people. Bring back OLTL.
—Guest Ruth


oltl needs to return., abc sucks with out daytime soaps. i don't watch abc at all now.
—Guest lee

Are you not listening?

We fans, want OLTL back on the air now! There is too many talk, food, self help and reality shows on as it is. We just want something we can relax and watch and relate to in the afternoon. It's our time to wind down and enjoy a program we love and have watched for years. The actors have had their vacation time now, so put them back to work. This was their life, they loved it and were great at what they did. Please put OLTL back on the air.
—Guest Mary

cancellation of the Revoultion

Don't watch the show, if it's cancel, they may bring back OLTL back
—Guest talkitiv

Another talk show

I'm not watching abc from 1 to 3! And I think the Abc people need to wake up and bring back our soaps!
—Guest Rick


I want One life to to return. I am not interested in revolution. The should cancel chew next.
—Guest denise

G M A In The Afternoon

I have already stated how glad I am that the Revolution is dumped. However I see from the crap ABC is replacing it with they haven't switched their brains back on. 2 hours of G M A in the morning is more than enough for anyone. After all, how much new news can happen in 5 hours? ABc is also leaving it up to the local stations to decide if they want G M A or GH on this fall. Can you imagine people watching 1 hour of a group of people cooking,eating and talking all at the same time? Then watch G M A and an hour of Katie? Not to mention we have Live on in the morning as well as the View. That would mean 7 hours of news and boaring talk shows. Come on ABC do you really think the viewers are that low down If you can't bring back OLTL at least bring us some kind of continued drama show or make GH a 90 minute show and incorporate OLTL into it. Hopefully in the near future the mob story line will be thrown out so can't you try to at least show a little appreciation and workwith us?
—Guest vkmiller1


It should have never happen, we want and need o.l.t.l back on there is a enough talk shows on and cook shows, what is the point you are trying to make.i hope its not for people to stop wacthing T.V. all to together because that could happen believe it or not, than were would the rating be,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
—Guest Esther

oltl forever

i watch gma in the morning that is enough for me. will not watch in the afternoon i really miss oltl i watch general hospital and i am enjyoying starr tea' todd john mcbain but it is still not the same im really missing oltl.
—Guest fatawack


O L T L was the best soap. G H is always the same over and over and Sony never changes or his script/lines same ole same ole. Like i said i miss One Life To Live.
—Guest Carolyn

What did you think was going to happen ?

My title say it all period!!!!! TPTB need to listen to their fans we know what we want.
—Guest ruby

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