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Michael Easton - Actor Profile and Biography


Michael Easton - Actor Profile and Biography

Michael Easton (John McBain, OLTL)

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Character on One Life to Live:

First Appearance:

Michael Easton first appeared in Llanview as FBI Agent John McBain in October of 2003.

Date of Birth:

Born in Long Beach, California to Irish parents on February 15, 1967.

Martial Status:

Married Ginevra Arabia in 2004, and currently resides in New York City.

Interesting Facts:

* Was raised in both the United States and Ireland.
* When offered a part on OLTL, he was given two choices for characters to take on - one for the new character of John McBain, and the second, for the recast for Todd Manning, whom had been previously played by actor Roger Howarth.
* Was chosen as one of People Magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People" of 1992.
* Is a published poet and writer.
* Has twice played the role of twins - first in the role of identical brothers in the advernture series TWO in 1996, and later as Calab and Michael in ABC's now-cancelled soap opera Port Charles.


One Life to Live (John McBain, 2003-Present)
Mutant X (Gabriel Ashlocke, 2002)
Diamond Hunters (Benedict Van der Byl, 2001)
The '70s (Nick, 2000)
Total Recall 2070 (David Hume, 1999)
What We Did That Night (Charlie, 1999)
The Practice (Glenn, 1998)
Ally McBeal (Glenn, 1998)
413 Hope St. (Nick Carrington, 1997)
Two (Booth Hubbard, 1996 - 1997)
Port Charles (Caleb/Michael, 1997)
Dazzle (Nick, 1995)
Diagnosis Murder (Rick Bennett, 1994)
Days of Our Lives (Tanner Scofield, 1991-1992)
The Killing Zone (Gopher, 1991)
The Art of Dying (Bobby, 1991)

Filmography/Writing and Directing:

Monty (2001)(Writer)
Daedalus Is Dead (1996)(Director)

Other Works:

Author of Eighteen Straight Whiskeys - a collection of raw, emotional poetry about drinking, drugs and love. (Bowery Press 1997)

Author of Soul Stealer, a graphic novel.

Overview and Biography:

Not only is the handsomely 6'1" actor extremely popular, but Michael Easton is also a published poet and writer, and has also produced, directed and edited the award winning independent film Daedalus Is Dead. Easton has also completed and published his first graphic novel, Soul Stealer, which hit bookstores in July, 2008.

During Easton's college years he decided to leave school and travel throughout Europe, and later complied his adventures of his trip into a book entitled Drift. After returning returning from his travels, Easton continued his education at the University of California where he studied writing and directing, and later acting. In 1990, Easton was cast in the movie, Coldfire, which ironically also starred Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio) , who is currently his co-star on One Life to Live .

Easton quit acting in 1992 when his mother, Joan, was diagnosed with cancer. He stayed by her side and cared for her until her death in 1994. Easton also has a younger brother, Keith, who is a pilot for the Navy. In his spare time, Easton enjoys writing, martial arts, gymnastics and motorcycles.

In 2001, Easton returned to daytime television in the role of twins Caleb and Michael Morley in the ABC soap Port Charles, which was cancelled in October of 2003. However, ABC was not ready to let this talented actor leave the network and immediately asked him to take on a role on OLTL. Although Easton was given the option of playing the part of Todd Manning, which had just been vacated by actor Roger Howarth, Easton felt he would not be able to live up to the fans expectations of that role, and chose to play John McBain instead.
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