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Melissa Archer - Actress Profile and Biography


Melissa Archer - Actress Profile and Biography

Melissa Archer

© ABC Daytime, 2009

Character on 'One Life to Live':

Date of First Appearance on OLTL:

July 2001

Date of Birth and Full Name:

Melissa Jean Archer was born on December 2, 1979 in Dallas, Texas to parents; Johnny Dewayne Archer and Kathy Jean Lemley

Martial Status:

Recently engaged to Glen Angelino

Interesting Facts for Melissa Archer:

  • Melissa slept through her alarm clock the same day she was to audition for Natalie Buchanan. Luckily her name was one of the last to be called and ABC never noticed.
  • Archer likes to be called Missy.
  • Missy owns cats even though she’s allergic to them.
  • She enjoys gardening and swimming.
  • Ms. Archer originally tried out for the role of Jen Rappaport, however, her character would have been killed off by now.
  • Archer is a former dancer and likes karaoke and logic puzzles.
  • She’s a natural brunette.
  • Considers Lucille Ball her idol.
  • Filmography and Television Roles:

    One Life to Live (Natalie Buchanan 2001- present)
    Wishbone Becky Thatcher 1995)
    Soap Talk (2006)
    SOAPNet Reveals ABC Soap Secrets (2005)
    18th Annual Soap Opera Digest Awards (2003)
    The View (2003)


  • In April 2003 Ms. Archer was awarded with Soap Opera Digest Award for Outstanding Newcomer.
  • Awarded Soap Opera Digest Award for Favorite Triangle in 2005.
  • Overview and Biography of Melissa Archer:

    In July 2001, Melissa Archer was cast as Natalie Buchanan on One Life to Live. Although, before becoming the warm-hearted loving heiress fans learned to like, she was Natalie Balsom, who was the bad girl of Llanview and supposed daughter of Roxanne Balsom, (Ilene Kristen). Natalie ended up being Jessica Buchanan's (Erin Torpey/ Bree Williamson) worse nightmare. Fans eventually realized that Natalie was Victoria Lord’s (Erica Slezak) long lost daughter she had with Clint (Clint Richie/ Jerry Ver Dorn) and not Jessica.

    Melissa Archer was born in Dallas, Texas and by age 17 she landed her first role guest starring on Wishbone as Becky Thatcher. After high school she followed her dream to act and began auditioning in LA. She studied psychology at Union Institute in California, which she says “it helps her get inside her character’s head and understand how she relates to others.”

    She appeared in many commercials before eventually landing her first major role on One Life to Live . Melissa is also very active in charity work, including support for Daytimes Unites for Africa, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation , Red Cross and the Love Hallie Organization. Alongside her co-stars, Ms. Archer also worked on the One Life to Live CD which helped to raise money for the hurricane victim relief fund.
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