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John-Paul Lavoisier - Actor Profile and Biography


John-Paul Lavoisier - Actor Profile and Biography

John-Paul Lavoisier

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Character on 'One Life to Live':

Date of First Appearance on OLTL:


Date of Birth and Full Name:

Born John-Paul Seponski on March 12, 1980 in Phoenixville, PA

Martial Status:

Single, in 2008 started dating co-star Farah Fath (Gigi Morasco)

Interesting Facts for John-Paul Lavoisier:

  • John-Paul changed his last name to Lavoisier after reading about Antoine Lavoisier in a science textbook in high school.
  • Lavoisier is a member of the advisory board of theatre production company Streetlight Productions.
  • He likes tennis, skiing, magic tricks and golf.
  • John-Paul claims to be anally retentive and doesn’t like running or the suburbs.
  • When he landed the role of Rex Balsom his parents made t-shirts that said Dad of Rex and Mom of Rex.
  • As a part of ABC’s 2007 Fan February Festivities he switched jobs with a dance instructor.
  • John- Paul’s ringtone is Quagmire from Family Guy.
  • Filmography and Television Roles:

    One Life to Live (Rex Balsom (2002-present)
    Placebo (Jason, 2008)
    The View (Himself, 2003 – 2008)
    Rachel Ray (Himself, 2008)
    6ABC Boscov’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (Himself, 2007)
    Gossip Girl (Field Hockey Coach, 2007)
    Soap Center (Himself, 2004)
    Saturday Night Live (Himself, 2003)
    Soap Talk (Himself, 2003-2006)
    Wolves of Wall Street (Barnes, 2002)
    One Day in May (Matt Daniels, 2002)
    Sex and the City (Model, 2001)
    All My Children (Orderly, 2001)

    Theater Roles:

    Discordant Duets (off-Broadway)
    Counterfeit Garden (off-Broadway)

    Overview and Biography of John-Paul Lavoisier:

    John-Paul Lavoisier has been playing the role of Rex Balsom since 2002. Within that time his character has done a complete 360. He came from being a cold hearted, vindictive con artist and womanizer, to a sarcastic, fun loving boyfriend, son, father, brother and friend that’s always ready to lend a hand.

    John- Paul was born John-Paul Seponski, but changed his name after his music teacher warned that his last name would hold him back in the entertainment industry. He took it to heart and decided to change his last name to Lavoisier, after the 18th century scientist Antoine Lavoisier. John-Paul went on to study music performance in Philadelphia’s University of Art.

    He started out specializing in percussion and later pursued acting at the School for Film and Television and Michael Howard Studios in New York. He also studied privately with Deborah Mathieu- Byers.

    One Life to Live, became John-Paul Lavoisier’s first major acting job. He’s also very involved in theater. In 2007, he performed in the film, Placebo, as the role of Jason. As of 2008 he is dating his on screen girlfriend Gigi Morasco played by actress Farah Fath.
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