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Farah Fath - Actress Profile and Biography


Farah Fath - Actress Profile and Biography

Farah Fath (Gigi Morasco, OLTL)

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Character on 'One Life to Live':

Gigi Morasco

Date of First Appearance on OLTL:

Gigi Morasco first appeared in Llanview in October, 2007.

Date of Birth and Full Name:

Farah LeeAllen Fath was born on May 1, 1984 in Lexington, Kentucky

Martial Status:

She broke off her engagement to British singer and L.A. Vale Soccer player, Oliver Trevena in 2005. As of 2008, Fath started dating John-Paul Lavoisier (Fath's co-star Rex Balsom).

Interesting Facts for Farah Fath :

  • She was crowned Miss Kentucky Pre-Teen in 1995.
  • Started child modeling career when she was five.
  • Farah enjoys shopping, hanging with friends and attending church regularly.
  • She has two Yorkies named Jack and Jill.
  • Fath unwinds to her favorite band, Hanson.
  • Farah’s favorite TV show is Friends, which she also made a guest appearance on.
  • Her favorite actress is Lisa Kudrow.
  • In 1999, Fath received her first television role as Mimi Lockhart on Days of Our Lives .
  • Farah shares her dressing room with Kathy Brier (Marcie McBain).
  • She has appeared in a Pringles commercial and several Duncan Hines print ads.
  • Filmography and Television Roles:

    One Life to Live (Gigi Morasco 2007- current)
    Days of Our Lives (Mimi Lockhart 1999-2007)
    American Dreams (Playboy Bunny 2004)
    Friends (Herself 2003)

    Overview and Biography of Farah Fath:

    Farah Fath plays the role of Gigi Morasco, a single mom and a go-getter. Struggling through a rough life with her son, Shane; she meets Viki Buchannan (Erica Slezak) in Paris, Texas. Later she finds Shane’s real father, Rex Balsom (John-Paul Lavoisier) and decides to move to Llanview with Rex and live a happily ever life until their son, Shane, is diagnosed with Leukemia.

    Farah LeeAllen Fath was born in Lexington, Kentucky on May 1st, 1984. Her career began at the early age of five, as a model. Farah was awarded “Miss Kentucky Pre-Teen” at age eleven. She spent the rest of her school years managing commercials and model assignments.

    In January of 1999, she returned to Los Angeles and attended an International Model and Talent Convention. Afterwards, Farah returned to Kentucky to complete her freshman year of High School. That summer her agent booked her an audition for Days of Our Lives to play the role of Mimi Lockhart. Her first airdate was in September 1999 and left Days of Our Lives in February 2007.

    In October of 2007, Farah Fath received the role of Gigi Morasco, a role that was especially for her. She moved to New York City for the role at OLTL and lives with her sister, Torie.
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