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Kristen Alderson - Actress Profile and Biography


Kristen Alderson - Actress Profile and Biography

Kristen Alderson (Starr Manning)

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Character on One Life to Live:

Date of First Appearance on OLTL:

March, 1998

Date of Birth and Location:

May 29, 1991
Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Full Name:

Kristen Deanne Alderson

Parents Names:

Kathy Alderson (mother)
Rich Alderson (father)


Eddie Alderson (brother)

Awards and Filmography:

Kristen Alderson received Soap Opera Digest's 2005 Award for Favorite Teen for her work in One Life to Live.

Theater Roles:
Annie musical (Molly, 1996)

Martial Status:


Interesting Facts:

  • Her brother Eddie Alderson plays Matthew Buchanan on the show.
  • In 2002 she was the youngest contract player in daytime television.
  • Has blonde hair and blue eyes.
  • Is close to her co-star and on-screen mother, Kassie DePaiva (Blair), and occasionally sleeps over at her home.
  • Her nickname is "Tucka."
  • Experienced her first on-screen kiss when Starr kissed the character of Travis, played by Connor Paolo.
  • Was a cheerleader in junior high.
  • Favorite movies are Austin Powers, Stuart Little and Grease.
  • Is currently attending high school.

Biography and Credits:

Kristen Alderson began playing the role of Starr Manning back in 1998 and plays the precocious young daughter of Todd and Blair Manning.

Before her role on One Life to Live, Ms. Alderson began her show business career at the early age of five after she was cast as "Molly" in the Broadway production of Annie. She also went on tour with the show for about a year.

At the young age of six, Ms. Alderson auditioned for the role of Starr, and after the producers recognized her from her role in Annie, she got the part.

Alongside her acting career, Ms. Alderson is also a very talented singer and has contributed her singing to several CDs, including One Life, One Voice (Hurricane Relief CD), OLTL's High School Musical and ABC's Christmas album, A Holiday Affair.

Ms. Alderson is currently attending high school in New York and is joined by her brother Eddie. While not working or going to school, Ms. Alderson enjoys spending time with her friends and family, as well as swimming, jazz, tap, and, of course, singing. She also intends on furthering her career with acting, but Ms. Alderson would also like to go to college and get her teaching degree.
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