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Tom Degnan - Actor Profile and Biography


Tom Degnan - Actor Profile and Biography

Actor Tom Deganan

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Character on 'One Life to Live':

Date of First Appearance:

November 2010
Last appearance August 24, 2011

Date of Birth and Location:

September 24 in Bucks County, PA

Interesting Facts about Tom Degnan:

  • Tom enjoys golf and ice skating
  • He is a major Philadelphia Eagles and Phillies fan
  • He enjoys exploring New York
  • His favorite drink is a Manhattan
  • His astrological sign is Libra
  • Tom shares a dressing room with Josh Kelly (Cutter)

Television Roles:

Lipstick Jungle - Man, 2008
Law & Order - Nick Spence, 2009
The Usuals - Andrew Ogilvy, 2009
As The World Turns - Riley/Adam, 2009
The Good Wife - Brad Broussard, 2010
One Life to Live - Joey Buchanan, 2010

Film Roles:

Handsome Harry - Young Harry, 2009

Biography of Actor Tom Deganan:

Tom is a native of New Jersey and grew up outside Cherry Hill in Southern New Jersey. He is the oldest of three siblings. Tom was active on his high school’s track team and contemplated athleticism at the collegiate level while attending Notre Dame. However, he majored in finance. As a requirement, Degnan took theater class and found his passion for acting. He attended Case Western Reserve University to obtain an MFA in Theater in 2009.

Tom appeared in small roles on LAW & ORDER and LIPSTICK JUNGLE as well as THE USUALS. Later, he was chosen to play the mysterious war veteran Riley on ATWT in 2009. Degnan won the role of Joey Buchanan on ONE LIFE TO LIVE in 2010 after the role was recast when he initially thought the part went to Josh Kelly (Cutter Wentworth). Tom’s storyline on OLTL ended in August 2011. He was later cast in the GOOD WIFE in 2010. Currently, he plays in a band alongside his former ATWT co-star Billy Magnussen. Living in New York, Tom enjoys exploring the sites.
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