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Terri Conn - Actress Profile and Biography


Terri Conn - Actress Profile and Biography

Actress Terri Conn

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Character on 'One Life to Live':

Date of First Appearance:

November 2010

Date of Birth and Location:

January 28, 1975 in Bloomington, IN

Full Name:

Theresa Celeste Conn

Marital Status:

Austin Peck (2011-Present)
Arthur Colombino (2001-2010)


Julia Catherine (born July 8, 2004)

Interesting Facts for Terri Conn:

  • Conn and Austin Peck officially came out as a couple during the 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards in 2010.
  • Conn and her new relationship with her co-star, Austin Peck, was covered in two issues of the Soap Opera Digest magazine back in February and March, 2011.
  • Breaker High was a Canadian teen show which Conn played the role of Ashley Dupree.
  • Conn’s daughter was born on air for TLC’s A Baby Story.
  • She is an only child.

Awards and Nominations:

Daytime Emmy Award - Outstanding Younger Actress - Nominated - 2001
Soap Opera Digest - Outstanding Younger Actress - Nominated - 2001

Television Roles:

Breaker High - Ashley Dupree - 1997-1998
7th Heaven - Charlotte - 1998
As The World Turns - Katie Snyder-Peretti - 1998-2010
Long Story Short - Tina Hobble - 2002
Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Chantal Fielding - 2003
iMurders - Sandra Wilson - 2008
Once More - Linda Martin - 2010
ONE LIFE TO LIVE - Aubrey Wentworth - 2010-2012

Biography and Credits for Terri Conn:

Terri was the only child born to a retired U.S. Air Force officer and a real estate mother in 1975. Conn married actor/musician Arthur Colombino and had a daughter, Julia. The birth was taped live on an episode of TLC’s A Baby Story that aired on September 15, 2004. Terri divorced Arthur after nine years of marriage and began using her maiden name, Conn. She married her As The World Turns co-star, Austin Peck on July 1, 2011.

Conn began her acting career on the Canadian teen show Breaker High. From there, she went to portray Katie Snyder-Peretti on As The World Turns in 1998-2010. Following that, she was cast on ONE LIFE TO LIVE in a role created for her of Aubrey Wentworth. Her character on ONE LIFE TO LIVE was first paired with Joey Buchanan, during a scheme to get at the Buchanan fortune. Later, after her character's scheme fell through, she became involved with Rex Balsom. Since ABC decided to take ONE LIFE TO LIVE off the air, Conn finished up her work with the show in January 2012.
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