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Kim Zimmer - Actress Profile and Biography


Kim Zimmer - Actress Profile and Biography

Actress Kim Zimmer

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Character on One Life to Live:

Date of First Appearances:


Date of Birth and Location:

February 2, 1955 in Grand Rapids, MI

Full Name:

Kim Zimmer

Marital Status:

Married to actor/director A.C. Weary


Rachel, Max and Jake

Awards and Nominations:

Daytime Emmy awards - Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series - Guiding Light - (4) wins

Interesting Facts for Kim Zimmer:

  • Kim is married with three children (one is an actor).
  • She began on OLTL as another character before being cast as Echo DiSavoy
  • She was on Guiding Light until the show’s conclusion and read the last line.
  • She appeared in bit parts for several made-for-television movies.

Television and Theatre Roles:


ONE LIFE TO LIVE - Bonnie Harmon - 1978
The Doctors - Nola Dancy Aldrich - 1979-1982
ONE LIFE TO LIVE - Echo DiSavoy - 1982-1983; 2010-2011
Guiding Light - Reva Shane - 1983-1990; 1995-2009
Santa Barbara - Jodie DeWitt Walker - 1992-1993
Seinfeld - Mr. Pitt’s Attorney - 1995
Designing Women - Mavis - 1989
MacGyver - Lt. Kate Murphy - 1989-1990
Models, Inc. - Joan - 1994
Babylon 5 - Cynthia Torqueman - 1995
University Hospital - Dr. Karen Hale - 1995
Perl oder Pica - Nico - 2006
The Van Pelt Family - Janet Van Pelt - 2008
Freshman Father - Dean Frost - 2010


Kim returned to Michigan to participate in the oldest regional summer stock theatre at Augusta’s Barn Theatre.
Zimmer was cast in 2011 in the Off-Broadway hit Love, Loss and What I Wore.

Biography and Credits for Actress Kim Zimmer:

Ms. Zimmer was born in Grand Rapids, MI. She graduated from Forest Hills Central High School and studied at Hope College in Holland, MI. She also attended the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco.

Kim began her career back in 1978 in theatre. She landed her first television role on ONE LIFE TO LIVE as Bonnie Harmon. In 1979, she replaced Kathleen Turner as Nola Dancy Aldrich on The Doctors. However, in 1981 they starred together in the film Body Heat. After The Doctors cancelled, Zimmer returned to OLTL briefly in 1982-1983 and cast as Echo DiSavoy. Kim was cast for the character Reva Shayne on Guiding Light in 1983-1990. She relocated to the West Coast to play Jodie DeWitt Walker on Santa Barbara from 1992-1993.

Kim also appeared in an episode of Seinfeld as Jerry’s attorney. In April 1995, she returned to GL until the show’s conclusion in September 2009. She and Robert Newman’s Josh Lewis became a supercouple and she was credited for reading the last line on the show. Zimmer returned twenty-seven years later to OLTL to perform alongside former GL co-star, Jerry verDorn in October 2010.

Through the years she has starred in several other television prime time soaps such as MacGyver, Models, Inc., Designing Women as well as many made-for-television movies.

Kim married actor/director, A.C. Weary and they had three children together. Her son Jake is an actor who appeared on Law and Order: Special Victim’s Unit and ATWT as Luke Snyder in 2005. She and her husband reside in Montclair, NJ.
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