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Kelley Missal - Actress Profile and Biography


Kelley Missal - Actress Profile and Biography

Actress Kelley Missal, who portrays Danielle Rayburn-Manning on ABC's 'One Life to Live'

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Character on 'One Life to Live':

Date of First Appearance on OLTL:

October 23, 2009

Date of Birth and Location:

October 25, 1993 in Central New Jersey

Full Name:

Kelley Rose Missal


Steve (father)



Interesting Facts About Kelley Missal:

  • Kelley began modeling at the age of 10.
  • She loves to sing and dance.
  • She learned to play guitar and drums from her father and brother.
  • Kelley is 5’4”.
  • Her father was a drummer in a rock band.
  • Filmography and Theatre Credits:


    MidNightMares …as Samantha, Saint Genesius Players, NJ, November, 2005
    Annie, Jr …as Annie, Saint Genesius Players, NJ, July, 2005


    One Life to Live … as Danielle “Dani” Rayburn-Manning, 2009-Present
    Saturday Night Live … as Little Irish Orphan, (with Jimmy Fallon & Dan Aykroyd)
    Comedy Central’s Dennis Leary’s Roast


    She appeared in a promo for VH-1: I Love the 70’s
    Kelley has done various voiceover ads.

    Biography and Credits:

    Kelley was born and raised in Central New Jersey and was introduced to the entertainment industry at the early age of ten as a child model. Kelley pursued her dream of acting with her parents’ support and soon began auditioning in commercials. Having a father in show business as a drummer for rocker Billy Idol, Kelley and her brother were taught to play guitar and drums. She also enjoys singing and dancing.

    Kelley appeared as an orphan on Saturday Night Live with Dan Aykroyd and Jimmy Fallon in a sketch. After three years of not working, she told her mother she wanted to pursue the acting bug again and appeared on Comedy Central’s Dennis Leary Roast . She also did a promo for VH-1’s I Love the 70’s . Adding to the birth of her many talents, Kelley has successfully done several voiceover ads as well.

    At her audition for One Life to Live in 2009, Kelley won the part of feisty teen, Danielle Rayburn immediately after her screen test. She credits co-stars, Todd (Trevor St. John), Tea (Florencia Lozano) and Matthew (Eddie Alderson) with helping her evolve as an on-screen actress.

    Kelley prefers to be home-schooled for her educational studies while appearing on One Life to Live . In her spare time, she enjoys movies, hanging out with friends and playing instruments.
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