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Gina Tognoni - Actress Profile and Biography


Gina Tognoni - Actress Profile and Biography

Gina Tognoni

Copyright, 2011

Character on 'One Life to Live':

Date of Birth and Location:

November 28, 1973
St. Louis, MO

Full Name:

Gina Tognoni

Marital Status:

Married to Joseph Chiarello

Interesting Facts About Gina Tognoni:

  • She loves horseback riding
  • Gina’s favorite place to visit is Italy
  • She is close friends with Erin Torpey, (ex-Jessica, OLTL)
  • Gina used to date Mark Derwin (ex-Ben, OLTL)
  • Gina won two pageants as a teenager
  • She won the role of Kelly on OLTL while studying for finals in college
  • Gina was a repeat winner for her role on GL

Awards and Nominations::

  • Miss Rhode Island Teen USA, 1991
  • Miss Rhode Island Teen All-American, 1993
  • Digest Award - Nominee, for Outstanding Female Newcomer, 1996
  • Digest Award - Nominee, for Outstanding Younger Lead Actress, 1997
  • Soap Opera Digest Award – Nominee, for Outstanding Younger Lead Actress, 1998
  • Daytime Emmy – Win, for Dinah Marler, Supporting Actress, Guiding Light, 2006
  • Daytime Emmy – Nominee, for Dinah Marler, Supporting Actress Guiding Light
  • Daytime Emmy – Win, for Dinah Marler, Supporting Actress, Guiding Light, 2008

Filmography- TV:

  • One Life to Live - Kelly Cramer, 1995-2001; 2002, 2010-July 2011
  • Fastlane – Gabriella, 1 episode, 2003
  • Guiding Light - Dinah Marler, 2004-2009
  • Venice (Webseries) – Sami, 2009
  • SVU - Officer Kristen Vaill, 2005
  • The Sopranos - Catherine Lipman, 2006

Filmography- Film/Video:

  • Pride & Loyalty – Stephanie, 2002
  • Phenomenon II – Officer Claire, 2002
  • This Time Around – Cara Cabot, 2003
  • Art – Barbara, 2005

Profile and Biography of Gina Tognoni:

Ms. Tognoni was born in St. Louis, MO and raised in Syracuse, NY and Rhode Island. After graduating from a Catholic high school, Gina was set to attend Emerson College to obtain a degree until she won her first pageant in 1991. After winning her second pageant, Gina headed first to New York (then Los Angeles) at the suggestion of a well-known celebrity manager to Halle Berry.

With acting work a bit slow, Gina landed a job at a tanning salon while taking classes at a local college. During her final exams, Gina won the role of Kelly Cramer on One Life to Live, after auditioning for the part. She relocated to New York where she lived for seven years before heading back to California.

Starring in television shows, The Sopranos and SVU, Gina was also in feature films such as This Time Around and Phenomenon II. She later returned to Manhattan and snagged the role of Dinah Marler on Guiding Light - earning her Emmy awards in 2006 and 2008. When her stint on GL ended in 2009, she appeared in the webseries, Venice: The Series as Sami. Gina currently reprised her role on OLTL as of early 2010.

Ms. Tognoni met her husband, Joseph Chiarello, through costar, Beth Ehlers in 2007 and married him on May 16, 2009.

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