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The Deep End - OLTL Recap for Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Daily OLTL Recaps


John informs Rachel that Cole is going back on drugs in order to go undercover to stop the dealing in Llanview schools. At first Rachel objects to Cole being involve but after Cole tells her that he rather go undercover rather than going to jail and face the fact he’d never see Starr and his baby again. Rachel agrees to go along with plan and is willing to help. Cole hints to John to stop wasting time. John realizes that it was time to get back together with Marty. Schuyler dreams about being with Gigi. Before Gigi leaves Rex and Shane she tells Rex that she’s working on getting a doctor to go along with their plan. Gigi goes to see Brody to inform him about her and Rex’s plan. Jessica is willing to help Gigi. Brody gets accepted to the police academy. Jessica tells Brody it’s time to confront Cole and Starr. Gigi stops in and visits Schuyler. Schuyler can’t believe that Rex is still lying to Gigi about sleeping with Stacy. Thinking it’s none of his business Schuyler remains silent about Rex sleeping with his ex.

Todd makes breakfast for Blair and the children, while Tea is overhears the happy family from outside. She barges in and tells Todd he needs to pay for her doctor’s bill. Blair warns her to stay away. Tea believes that Blair is jealous of her relationship with Todd. Indeed feeling jealous, Blair calls a life guard from the country club to come over and give Sam swimming lessons. Blair flirts with the life guard in front of Todd. She ends up taking the life guard into the cabana to make out with him. Stacy goes to Gigi’s house to check up on Rex. She finds Shane and Rex horsing around looking perfectly happy and healthy. Stacy tells Rex that she told Gigi that they are together. Stacy takes Shane’s temperature and finds it being normal. Stacy informs Shane that she and his father are together which makes Shane run upstairs to throw up. Stacy insists to take Shane to the emergency room until Gigi comes home with Dr. Michael Mcbain.

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