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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for May 25, 2009



Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for May 25, 2009

todd manning

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2009

Sheree writes: “I found it REALLY sad when Todd got temporary custody of his kids and proceeded to barge into the house and almost drag them out. It was even sadder still to see all the "things" he bought to get them to like staying with him. He just doesn't seem to get that his kids don't want "things.” They want HIM.”

Dear Sheree: Yes, Todd needs a clue to figure out how to be a good dad after all these years. It’s just too bad that he hasn’t figured out how to be a good man. Until he does that he can keep dreaming about giving his kids what they really need.

Carla writes: “I see that Marty gets her memory back. What do you think will be next for Marty? And, can you explain to me how a man, John, who barely had time with her has strong feelings for her? Speaking of this, where do you think this will put Blair? Oh, I pray Max will come back to Llanview. Max really loved Blair. And, why did Jared and Natalie keep this secret when they experienced remorse and problems from their last scheme keeping secrets?”

Dear Carla: I have no idea what is in store for Marty now. I think it’s great that she has all her memories of Cole and her life back and I would like to see her just devote some time to her son and getting her own life together. I agree with you about John and Marty never having had time to really establish a relationship. It took John a long time to even give Marty the time of day because he always thought she was trying to analyze him. As for Blair, I fear what I’ve always feared and that is the fact that no matter what man she is with; no matter how great he is; she will never get Todd out of her blood. She admitted it with Tea and that’s about as honest as she’s been in a long time. When it comes to Natalie and Jared and keeping secrets, they are just a couple of those soap characters who are dumb enough to think that they are doing the right thing by keeping secrets and don’t think of the consequences of everything blowing up in their faces until everything does just that. Stupid secret keeping is a soap staple. Say that three times fast.

Kris writes: “Since when do freshmen in high school go to the prom? Why do kids whose parents are wealthy go to the public school? Since I have been a public school teacher for a long time, these two things do not happen in our small communities of our school district. The children of bankers, attorneys, and medical doctors drive their children to the next large town so they may attend private school. Furthermore, their parents usually own an apartment or condo so that they are free to use it during the week having the nanny supervise them.”

Dear Kris: It was a bit silly for Matthew, as a freshman, to be at the prom with juniors and seniors, but hey, that’s not the real world. As far as where kids go to school, I’ve never known it to be a general norm that kids whose parents have money go to private school. Sure, some do, but I know lots of kids whose families are well off and they go to public schools. As a matter of fact, in areas where the people are well off, the public school system is usually very good. In affluent areas the people pay high property taxes and their public schools have lots of advantages over more urban public schools. And in Llanview, we’re not talking about people who have nannies to take care of their kids. People like the Buchanans, Viki and Dorian may have a lot of money, but they are not the kind of people who turn their kids over to a nanny. Sure, sometimes their kids disappear into the woodwork when they are involved in something and then the next time we see the kids they have aged ten years, but hey, that’s why they call things like soap operas “guilty pleasures.” They’re silly and unrealistic and we keep watching. Go figure!
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