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True Lies - OLTL Recap for Friday, December 12, 2008

OLTL Episode Recap


True Lies - OLTL Recap for Friday, December 12, 2008

Sarah Roberts

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2008
Sarah goes to see Viki to ask advice regarding the nature of her relationship with Cris. After Viki is brought up to speed about the happenings with Cris and Vanessa, Viki – after apologizing for Tina not being around to help with Sarah’s problems – tells Sarah that if she loves Cris, which Sarah says that she does, to stand up and fight for Cris. Todd can’t believe that Blair had the nerve to bring Jack to the jail to see him like that, Blair explains that Jack is a little confused on why Todd is in jail and Blair thought the only person who could answer Jack’s questions should be his father. Jack asks Todd why he’s in jail, Todd has no choice but to tell Jack the truth. Todd tells Jack everything he did to Marty, both in the past and present, as well as telling Jack that he and Marty were going to run away from Llanview and never return. Jack doesn’t understand how Todd could’ve just left his kids behind, without telling them where he was going. Todd explains, though he would’ve been gone, his children would never have been totally cut out of his life. Jack makes Blair take him home.

Starr is lamenting over the loss of Hope, Dorian comforts her and tells Starr that she’s one of the strongest and bravest people Dorian knows. Starr feels better after he talk with Dorian, Blair returns home with Jack to drop him off as she’s on her way to Todd’s arraignment. Starr wants to go, Blair takes Starr with her. Meanwhile, Dorian reprimands Jack on his recent behavior regarding Mo’s cooking. John finds Marty in the church, explaining that he just wanted to see if she was ok. Marty explains that she doesn’t know when she’ll be ok again, though she believes herself to be on the right track to getting her life together. Marty explains that she’s on her way to Todd’s arraignment, John offers a ride and they leave together.

Vanessa tells Tea that she can’t marry an American because she’s already married, though she did behind to file for divorce before she left Columbia with Cris. Vanessa tells Tea why she’s in trouble, Tea makes a few phone calls and finds out that the divorce papers were filed and valid – Vanessa and Ray are no longer married. Tea gets another call and then rushes off. Cris is exciting because now all Vanessa has to do is find someone to marry so she can stay in the US. Vanessa asks Cris to marry her.

Nora is outside the courtroom, preparing for the arraignment. Cole shows up, explaining that he has to be there to make sure Todd gets what he deserves. John and Marty arrive and are immediately attacked by the media. John pushes his way through the crowd and leads the way into the courtroom for Marty, Nora and Cole. Nora explains to Marty that there is one charge she will add if Marty agrees to it, which Marty does. Todd is brought into the courtroom, Blair and Starr follow. The judge enters, reads the list of charges and asks Todd for a plea (Todd has also chosen to represent himself). Nora adds the charge of rape, per Marty’s agreeing. Just as Todd is about to stand up and enter a “guilty” plea, Tea bursts into the courtroom and tells Todd not to say another word. . .

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