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One For My Baby, and One S’More For the Road - OLTL Recap for Nov. 24, 2008

OLTL Episode Recap


One For My Baby, and One S’More For the Road - OLTL Recap for Nov. 24, 2008

Brody and Jessica

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Gigi tells Brody that Rex wants to help him. He continues to blame himself despite her insistence that he shouldn’t go to jail. She tells him that Shane still needs him.

Rex refuses to press charges against Brody. While Nora feels she has no choice, Bo tries to convince her not to prosecute Brody. Bo and Rex are thankful when Nora manages to work out a deal. Gigi and Rex ask Brody to take the offer. Agreeing, he signs the paperwork to have himself committed.

John checks in on Marty. She confesses to dreaming of him while at Todd’s. She also tells him about the picture that she used to have of them. John refuses to let Marty blame herself. He tells her that he has his own share of blame for not saving her sooner. Marty is touched when she realizes that John still carries a picture of them.

Nora and Bair blame Todd for John’s situation. Blair worries that John is with Marty. Dorian encourages her to go after John. Later, John surprises Blair by showing up at her door.

Dorian reaches out to Cole. He tells Starr that he wished his mom could remember him. Starr assures him that he isn’t being selfish for wanting more from Marty. Starr hesitantly tells Cole that Todd planned to steal their baby. Cole insists that she not apologize for Todd.

Antonio and Talia spend an evening at home.

Previews: Jessica and Tina say goodbye to their daughters. Nora informs Vanessa she is being deported. Sarah catches Cris holding Vanessa.

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