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Forget-Me-Nots - OLTL Episode Recap for Friday, November 21, 2008

OLTL Episode Recap


Forget-Me-Nots - OLTL Episode Recap for Friday, November 21, 2008

Antonio Vega

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Viki snaps Jess back into reality, wherein Jess explains that she met another alter, Bess who said she was the “gatekeeper.” Viki explains that Jean Randolph is her “gatekeeper,” Jess wonders what trauma caused her to split again. Viki offers to bring the baby in to see Jess, Jess refuses to see both Bree and her new baby until she gets better. Jess explains that she has to commit herself, Viki understands why and promises to take care of Bree and the new baby. Joplin runs into Todd at the hospital, Todd wants to know why Starr’s baby died. Joplin doesn’t have an answer, Todd thinks it’s his fault because of what he was going to do to the baby. Joplin tells Todd that he needs some serious help, Todd begins to remember the time he spent with Marty and how much he’d grown to love her. Todd looks in the mirror and notices the John left a scar, similar to the one he had on his face before he had plastic surgery.

After Dorian made the observation of a possible reunion between Marty and John, Blair explains that starting a relationship is the farthest thing on her mind right now – she wants to focus on raising her children, helping Starr cope and making sure Todd gets what he deserves. Dorian keeps pressing the subject, Blair admits that she really likes John and doesn’t see Marty as a threat because Marty doesn’t remember anything. Dorian reminds Blair that, while Marty might not remember her relationship with John, John remembers it. Blair turns on the TV just in time to see John throwing his badge at the mayor. Blair rushes to the station while Dorian calls Joplin demanding answers.

Bo, Nora, Antonio, Mike and Lowell stand shocked as John throws Lowell his badge. The media presses the recent happenings until Bo throws them out of the station. Lowell is furious and wants the charges against John reinstated. Bo reminds Lowell that he said, on camera, that John was a hero and revoked the charges – if Lowell revokes the revoking of charges, voters might not like that. Lowell accepts John’s resignation and warns John that he’ll be watching him. Bo immediately tries to change John’s mind, John explains that doing things “buy the book” almost got someone killed and he doesn’t want to do that anymore, John wants to play by his own rules. Bo is sad to see John go, but knows he can’t change John’s mind. John walks out of the police station, Mike follows and tells John to reconsider his decision. John explains that he needs to figure things out for himself, then blames himself for Marty being raped again. Nora rushes to her office to clear John of the charges before Lowell changes his mind again. Bo tells Antonio what happened with John and then offers Antonio John’s chief of detective’s job. Antonio accepts the job, with the reservation that he steps down when John returns.

Cole desperately tries to rekindle Marty’s memory, Marty tries to remember things and admits that she does have snippets of memories every now and then – particularly of Cole as a baby. Cole tries harder to make Marty remember, which causes Marty to snap at him. Marty knows Cole was just trying to help, but she explains that she needs to figure things out for herself so she can remember who she was. Cole goes upstairs to give Marty some space. Marty answers the door after the doorbell rings to see John standing on the other side. . .

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