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The Full Montez- OLTL Recap for Monday, October 20, 2008

OLTL Episode Recap


The Full Montez- OLTL Recap for Monday, October 20, 2008

Andriana Cramer

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2008
Gigi tells Marcie that Adriana moved Rex and she has no idea where he is. She then asks Marcie and Michael to help her find him. Michael gives Gigi enough general information for her to figure out that she took Rex to Dorian’s home. Marcie works up a plan to get Gigi in to see Rex.

At the airport, John shoots Dorian’s hired assassin and in the chaos Vanessa shoots Ray. Blair realizes Dorian isn’t upset about the shooting and wants to know what she had to do with it. John then takes Dorian down to the police station to question her about her relationship with McNaughton.

Antonio is suspicious of Vanessa despite Cristian’s insistence that she helped him get back to Llanview. Before Vanessa is taken into custody, she asks Cris to take care of Lola. Langston tells Markko she thinks Dorian knew Ray was going to get shot. Langston and Lola meet.

Starr tells Cole that she might have the baby sooner than they thought. Blair finds Adriana has turned the living room into a hospital room for Rex. She suspects that Adriana’s motive is to keep Rex from Gigi. Blair warns Adriana that even if Rex wakes up, that doesn’t mean they will get back together.

Marty suggests naming the baby Patrick if it’s a boy. Todd is initially stunned, but is more so when Janet suggest they name it Cole. Alone, Todd demands to know what Janet is up to. She tells him that she knows about his past with Marty. In turn, he tells her that he knows about her past as well. He offers her money to keep what she knows a secret. Remembering John’s warning, Janet tries to contact John.

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