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Adios, Superfreak - OLTL Recap for Wednesday, October 15, 2008

OLTL Episode Recap


Adios, Superfreak - OLTL Recap for Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sarah Roberts

Copyrighted by ABC Daytime, 2008
At the apartment, Talia and Antonio share thoughts of Cris being tortured in Colombia. Sarah joins them and tells them of her dream of her boyfriend dying. The lad is very much alive in Plato as Vanessa runs her fingers through his hair and to her dismay, he murmurs Sarah’s name. The Latino woman rubs his cheek to awake him to tell him that they can leave today for Llanview, "where Ray will never find them." She leaves the room to get Lola and Cris tires the phone. He’s ticked that he has a connection – Vanessa had claimed the phone wasn’t working! He reaches Sarah, but the sound is all static so he hangs up. She hears enough to know he’s alive and in Colombia! Antonio announces he’s catching the next flight down there. Vanessa returns to an irate Vega and covers by saying the phone lines must have been fixed. However she is disturbed that Cris told someone he’s in Colombia – their lives are now in danger!

At LaBoulaie, Dorian and Markko share concern that it is only hours from Langston’s departure to Colombia. The lad offers to help Dr. Lord in any way possible to keep Langston in town. He’s glad that if his girlfriend had to have an uptown, uptight snob for an aunt that it was Dorie. She laughs and is glad that since Langston fell in love with a punk that it was him. When an upset Langston joins them, her *almost parent* tries to assure her that Ray is only doing this because of Clint wanting revenge and she has people working on it.

Over at the cottage, Gigi gets someone from the ICU on the phone and inquires about Rex’s condition. When she presses for something more than "no change" she's told once again she's not family and no information can be released. Shane comes downstairs and tells his mom he wants to see his dad. Gigi, thinking he's referring to Rex, is pleased. But then Shane says he was talking about Brody. Gigi calmly explains that he is now in a psychiatric hospital due to his confusion about the past in Iraq and that he cannot have visitors. It then dawns on her that although she can’t see Rex that her son can since he is family.

At Llanview Hospital, Adriana talks to a comatose Rex. She tells him she should never have left him and run away and that he had no choice but to settle for Gigi. She sees Bo and Roxy outside the room and goes to tell them there is no change. Bo asks if Rex had a living will or any directives. Roxy just screams, "He wants and needs Gigi!" Bo points out that if Rex has no living will, Adriana would be considered next-of-kin and would have to make decisions, like, how long do we keep up the intervention? What would Rex want? The commish reminds the estranged wife that Rex had asked her for a divorce and she should respect his wishes. Roxy tears out announcing that she’s getting a lawyer. Bo hints to Adriana that this wing was donated by his family and he will pull strings if he has to.

Ray bursts into Clint's to demand his money so he can return to Colombia. He's a bit put off that he had to spend the night in a holding cell! Clint says he can't do that, as things have now changed. Dorian did not "take the bait" so Ray will have to take Langston back to Colombia with him. Montez is not happy with the news, but Buchanan assures him that Lord will change her tune before they ever board the plane. When Nora walks in on the two, Clint quickly dismisses the con. The damsel is disturbed that Buchanan is dealing with a felon and in her home! After all, John McBain said Montez was released under “dubious circumstances” she charges. Clint’s amused as he knows his gal is just jealous of finding his former girlfriend in his bathrobe. She smirks and replies, “Well, aren’t we the poster child for the women’s movement!?”

Montez arrives at LaBoulaie and presents Langston with her ticket to Colombia. The flight leaves later tonight and he will allow her time to pack and say her goodbyes. Markko and Langston’s mouths drop in dismay. Dorian sneaks off to the patio and makes a phone call to Jackie. “Finish that business tonight!” she orders. Also giving orders is Gigi as she arrives at ICU and demands for Adriana to let Shane see his father. “You’re too late --- he’s gone.”

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