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If I Had A Hammer - OLTL Recap for Thursday, October 9, 2008

OLTL Episode Recap


If I Had A Hammer - OLTL Recap for Thursday, October 9, 2008


Copyrighted by ABC Daytime, 2008
Adriana and Layla are waiting outside Rex’s room, Roxy is talking to Rex – bringing all of her good luck paraphernalia. Marcie shows up to see how Rex is doing and try to convince Adriana to let Gigi in to see Rex. Adriana refuses to let Gigi see Rex, fearing that she’ll lose Rex for good. Adriana overhears Roxy talking about her to Rex, Adriana threatens to keep Roxy from seeing Rex, just like she’s doing with Gigi. The doctor comes in to examine Rex, reminding everyone that the less stress for Rex the better. Gigi isn’t concentrating on work, she can only think of Rex, she goes outside for a break and runs into Charlie. Gigi tells Charlie everything that’s been going on, Charlie understands that this is tough for Gigi, however there’s nothing she can do about it. Gigi wishes she could just talk to Rex, fearing that she might never get to talk to him again.

Marty laughs off Todd’s marriage proposal as a joke, Todd explains that he’s very serious about marrying Marty – so much so that he proposes again. Marty explains that she doesn’t even know herself yet, saying she can’t make a commitment to someone else. Todd fears that he’ll lose Marty, Marty explains that he’ll never lose her because she thinks she’s falling in love with Todd. After John and Blair make love, they plan on a dinner date for the evening. Blair goes to take a shower, the files that John has been waiting for arrive – they are files regarding Janet (Marty’s nurse). John tells Blair he has to cancel dinner, Blair is ok with that – she also feels they made a better connection because they actually talked about their relationship. John admits that it’s hard for him to talk about “stuff like that,” but he feels better as well. Blair leaves, unbeknownst to her John is getting closer to finding out who Todd is keeping held in his house.

After reading the note from Natalie, Jared crumples it up and throws it out. Jared explains that he’s done with Natalie – realizing that if she didn’t come home for her brother, she would never return home for him. Tess makes it seem like she’s very sympathetic, however she is thrilled that her plan is working. Tess and Jared play a game of pool, Tess invites Jared to dinner which she will make – though no risotto this time. Tess takes off to prepare dinner, Jared runs into Leo – the contractor Tess hired. Leo tells Jared to be careful of Jessica because she’s crazy. Jared buys a round of beer and gets Leo to tell all – that Jess hired him to build a room with a lot of specification in the basement of Llanfair. Natalie is elated to see Tina, knowing that her time as a prisoner is almost over. Tina apologizes to Natalie, explaining that Tess will sick Carlo Hesser and Cain Rogan on Sarah if Tina tells anyone about Natalie. Natalie pleads for Tina to help her – telling Tina that Tess tried to poison her and Jared, almost killed Viki and almost killed Jess. Natalie assures Tina that Bo will keep Sarah safe from Carlo and Cain. Tina agrees to help Natalie, though she doesn’t want to involve Bo yet. Tina rushes upstairs, meanwhile Tess returns home just as Natalie turns on the TV. Tina comes running from upstairs with a sledgehammer, ready to knock down a wall. There’s only one thing standing in her way, Tess…

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