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Cold-Blooded Woman - OLTL Recap for Tuesday, October 7, 2008

OLTL Episode Recap


Cold-Blooded Woman - OLTL Recap for Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Clint, Dorian, Langston, Cole, Starr, and Markko

Copyrighted by ABC Daytime, 2008
Vanessa assures Lola that Ray will never find them in Llanview. A tropical storm stops them from leaving as they had planned. Vanessa is pleased when Cris tells her that she and Lola won’t be on their own. Starr, Langston, Markko and Cole try to figure out why Nora wanted to question Ray. Starr and Markko try to assure Langston that Dorian will find a way to keep her.

At the police station, Ray insists that he doesn’t know Cris then calls Clint. Clint speaks with Nora, demanding to know why she took Ray in. She tells him that if he doesn’t like how she does her job, he shouldn’t be living with her. When questioned about Jared, Ray admits to coming to town to conduct business with Clint. Antonio is put off that Nora didn’t share that with him and refuses to give him more details.

Blair realizes that Dorian’s plan to keep Langston is Jackie McNaughton. Dorian tells Jackie that she wants Ray taken care of permanently. Jackie admits to knowing that she had an ugly break up with Clint before taking his company from him. He agrees she’s cold, but wants to know if she’s a killer. Dorian pays him to kill Ray, then calls Clint to decline his offer to hand over BE.

Addie asks Blair about her relationship with John. She admits that John is more than a friend prompting Addie to tell her to take a chance on John. At the hospital, John asks Michael about the injuries he saw in the x-rays. Michael insists that the woman with the injuries couldn’t have been in the accident John described, she had to have been thrown free. When Michael presses, John admits that he thinks the x-rays are of Marty. Despite Michael’s insistence that it isn’t possible, John continues his investigation.

Todd and Marty discuss their future over a picnic lunch. He hands her a map, telling her to pick where they are going to live. Marty tells Todd that he has to let go of his past to move on to the future.

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