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Dear John - OLTL Recap for Wednesday, September 17, 2008

OLTL Episode Recap


Dear John - OLTL Recap for Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tess and Jared

Copyrighted by ABC Daytime, 2008
From the basement prison, Natalie watches the scene in the living room between Jared and Tess. She is relieved that her beau believes Natalie was forced to write the letter. The content just isn’t her style. Tess feels Jared is in total denial of the truth just as she was of Nash’s death. Jared explains he spent all night checking airlines and trains. The damsel has vanished from the face of the earth. As Tess ties to convince Jared that Natalie doesn’t want to be found, the observing redhead throws pillows and yells “Bitch!”at the TV monitor. Jared refuses breakfast from Tess and heads out.

At the Colombian prison, Vanessa returns for a conjugal visit with her “husband.” As Mrs. Montez teases Chris by unbuttoning her blouse, Vega promises her many conjugal visits with her hubby if she will get word to Llanview where he is. Vanessa threatens him that her husband must be found or Vega will be wearing a murderer’s clothes for the rest of his life. As Vanessa departs, Chris believes there may be hope as she verifies the prisoner’s last name and assures him that he can last in the prison just like her husband did.

John stops by Blair’s to let her know Chris is missing and the detective will be out of pocket for a while searching for him. After he leaves, Starr waddles down the stairs. Blair tries to assure her worried daughter that she’s proud of the courage she’s showing by attending school despite the pregnancy.

Over at the Nora’s, Clint gets an update from Ray on how his bonding is going with his new found niece. Montez is in awe of how much Langston is like his sister. Buchanan announces they’re going in for the kill soon. The convict tells Clint that he senses that Dorian doesn’t like him at all. As Bo enters the room, the elder Buchanan rushes out Montez and explains to Bo that he’s a consultant and is late leaving. Bo doesn’t have time to question his brother as Matthew, Nora and Cole enters the room. Matthew is still apprehensive about his first day at school. Nora does the mothering thing and offers her son a sack lunch. After Cole informs her that high school kids don’t brown bag, Clint tosses the kid some money for lunch. There’s a brief delay departing as the entourage returns to look for Matthew’s wallet, but they are soon again on their way. Clint comforts a grieving Nora about her son’s first day at high school. She realizes her little boy is growing up.

Back at LaBoulaie, as Langston peers on unnoticed, Dorian phones her lawyer and orders him to dig up any dirt on Ray Montez and expedite the adoption. When the adoptee makes her presence known, she questions Dorian why she doesn’t trust Montez. Cramer explains that the timing is rather strange with him suddenly showing up just before the formal adoption of Langston. Just as Langston is ready to depart for school, her uncle arrives. Dorian dons a disgusted look as the two hug. Langston is touched as her uncle presents her with a locket of her grandmother’s last belonging to Langston’s mother. When questioned, he claims that his sister left the locket in Columbia. Neither Blair nor Dorian is buying any of Montez’s claims. Langston clings to the locket and promises her uncle she will never take it off. After the girls leave for school, Dorian is left alone with Montez. She demands to know his real intentions!

Meanwhile at Llanview PD, John orders a detective to investigate any aliases which Hesser has used. Banks enters and shares with the detective that he thinks Natalie has been kidnapped. Her former beau feels it’s simply a “Dear John” letter at first peruse and especially after hearing about their fight in regards to his trip. Jared asks him to re-read it and McBain agrees that it’s just not Natalie’s style. As John gets a lead that Hesser had used an alias of Mortimer Bern while in Switzerland, Jared glances at Carlo’s picture and announces that he just saw him in a Colombian prison going by that name! As McBain tells the commish, they have a lead on Carlo; Jared gets on the phone and tells someone they need to meet about Natalie.

When Tess brings her sister Jared’s leftovers, Nat begs Jessica to “come out.” Hoping to reach the alter; she reminds the blonde that Bree and her unborn baby need her. Tess smirks and tells Nat it’s no use; Jessica is gone. The redhead asks her IF Jared finally gives up on her, what the next plan is. Natalie grimaces as Tess announces she will get to watch Jared fall out of love with her and in love with her twin!

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