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Inmates on the Inside - OLTL Recap for Wednesday, September 10, 2008

OLTL Episode Recap


Inmates on the Inside - OLTL Recap for Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cristian Vega

Copyrighted by ABC Daytime, 2008
In an unknown prison somewhere, Cristian hangs from chains as Carlo looks on in smug delight. Vega reminds Carlo that Talia is a cop again and would like nothing better than to be dancing on his grave. Carlo is not happy with the mouthy Vega and calls in two thugs to beat him up.

At Llanview PD, Bo, Talia, Antonio and Sarah worry about a missing Cris. Bo has an awful hunch that Carlo is somehow involved. After confirming that Carlo has bought his way out of prison, Bo reluctantly gives Antonio and Talia the OK to join John McBain in the investigation of Cris’s disappearance. He then comforts Sarah who’s clutching a memento which Cris bought her at the Medorra Airport and assures her they will find him.

Meanwhile at a Colombian prison, the guards tell Jared in Spanish that they’re getting Ray Montez. Jared’s feeling real uneasy about this guy who’s in a maximum security prison for murder. He calls Clint to make sure he wants this low life back on the streets and involved with Langston. Clint’s response is he’ll do anything to get Dorian to give back BE. Minutes later, a shackled convict enters the room. Jared introduces himself as Jeb Stewart. He then shows him Langston’s picture and explains how she’s his deceased sister’s daughter. Apparently, the convict and his sister weren’t real close due to her trying “to save” him, so he’s not interested in any daughter of hers. However, when Ray sees Jared tipping the guard for more time, he changes his tune and asks about the proposed arrangement of claiming his niece.

Back in Llanview, Starr, in her bright green maternity dress, joins bikini-clad Langston at the pool. The newest Cramer is desperately finding lists of any one named Montez in Colombia thanks to Delphina’s lead about a living relative. Starr suggests to her that maybe the reason that Langston’s mother never told her about a relative is that this person is really bad. Apparently the name Montez in Colombia is like Smith in the US so there are many to follow-up with. Three quarters of the way down the list is “Ray Montez --- Address Unknown.” Between chomps on bright green popsicles, the girls strategize on how to contact these people.

Over at Nora’s house, freshman bound Matthew admits to Cole that’s he’s apprehensive about starting high school. The older boy tries to convince Matthew it’s no big deal as he reluctantly thinks about starting the school year without Starr at his side.

And at a make-shift prison below Llanfair, Natalie realizes that Jessica is really Tess. The blonde is proud to admit she set the whole thing up and plans to settle the score with both Natalie and Jared for killing Nash. She’s learned from the best – their mother. After Tess mimics Jess at the funeral, she brags that she was the one behind the faulty brakes as well as almost poisoning Nat and Jared until Jessica stepped in. Natalie begs to the alter to return! Tess assures her that Jessica is not coming back and she plans to break Jared and Natalie apart. As Tess leaves the window of the hidden room, a distraught Natalie lays on the floor amid pieces of the scrapbook Tess made her. Pictures of a bloodied Nash and a handsome Jared are on the floor next to her.

Upstairs, Tina chats with Viki’s picture trying to rationalize why she’s keeping Tess’s identity a secret --- to protect Sarah. Then, Tina being typical Tina puts the blame on Viki for not being there. Clint walks in, witnesses the chat with the picture and asks Tina if something’s wrong. Clint relates to her about his talk with Cord and how the ex feels Tina has changed for the better. After Clint says, “Better than being a schemer who once covered for Niki Smith,” Tina starts having second thoughts about not ratting out Tess. As she starts to spill, Tess enters the room.

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