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A Long, Strange Trip - OLTL Recap for Friday, September 5, 2008

OLTL Episode Recap


A Long, Strange Trip - OLTL Recap for Friday, September 5, 2008

Michael and Layla

Copyrighted by ABC Daytime, 2008
Marty agrees to help Todd raise Starr’s baby, Todd is elated that she’ll help him. Marty convinces herself that she needs to get stronger if she is to fully participate with the baby, Todd helps Marty to her feet and helps Marty take her first steps. They share a kiss; meanwhile John’s computer is downloading the image of the woman being taken into Ramsey’s house. The blurred image is looking more and more like Marty. Mike and Layla start to dance, Blair sees Marcie walk in and spot Mike dancing with Layla. Layla sees this as her cue to leave. Blair tries to talk with Marcie, who can’t believe that Mike was dancing because he never dances. Mike and Marcie try to talk about their marriage, but they come to terms that they still love each other – however, they will never see eye to eye regarding the adoption of Starr’s baby and therefore cannot be together. John and Blair watch as they talk, Blair hopes that they keep their relationship as simple as possible. John is enjoying a relationship without any complications.

Dallas tries to cheer Clint up; Clint explains that he’s only doing what he’s doing to help win the company back from Dorian. Dallas reminds him of what a good time they had in London when they were together and asks if he wants to return to that life. Talia, Antonio and Sarah arrive back at the apartment, where they share a few beers. Talia begins to blame herself regarding what happened in Mendorra; Sarah explains that she blames Carlo more than Talia. Layla returns home, she and Sarah give Antonio and Talia their privacy so they can “catch up” on the time they missed.

Natalie catches Tess in the safe, she has no choice but to show Natalie the jewels she found. Natalie wants to call the cops, but Tess insists they talk to Tina first. Natalie wants to talk with Tina ASAP, Tess convinces her to wait until morning. Natalie goes to make tea for the both of them, when she is distracted by a phone call from Jared, Tess slips something in Natalie’s drink to make her go to sleep. Natalie takes a few sips of tea, and then downs the whole mug. Tess watches as Natalie begins to drift off, just as Natalie slumps to the floor Sarah walks in asking where Tina is.

Rex and Gigi are at the airport discussing their plan for telling Shane the news. They go in for a kiss but are surprised when Brody and Shane greet them at the airport. Shane explains that he and Brody have a surprise for Gigi. They all go back to Gigi’s house, where Shane tells Gigi that he and Brody got a DNA test to prove Brody is his dad. Gigi sends Shane out to the car to get her luggage, and then begins to lambaste Brody for what he did. Brody was only thinking of Shane, fearing he would be taken into foster care if Gigi didn’t return and it was proved that Shane wasn’t Brody’s son. Rex can’t believe that Brody did that, thinking he is trying to move in on Gigi. Brody reminds Rex that he’s the one who left Gigi. Rex takes a swing at Brody which Shane sees. Shane yells at Rex for hitting his father. Rex yells back – “He’s not your dad!”

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