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Fort Bliss - Recap for Tuesday, August 26, 2008

OLTL Episode Recap


Fort Bliss - Recap for Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rex and Gigi

Copyrighted by ABC Daytime, 2008
As Gigi confesses to Rex that Shane is his son they are struck by lightning and sent back to 2008. When Rex and Gigi try to figure out what happened to them, Rex remembers her telling him that he is Shane’s father and is angry that Gigi kept it from him. When he wonders if she didn’t think he was good enough, Gigi reminds him that he left her without a word and says she accepted Brody’s offer to be the father of her child. They agree to let go of the past and head home.

Tess finds Marty on the grounds and is surprised when Marty doesn’t recognize her as Jessica. Tess tells her that they are best friends and Marty explains how Todd has taken care of her. When Todd finds them, Tess quickly starts to realize how he is manipulating Marty. She is amused as she taunts him with his secret and then warns him to keep quiet about her return or she’ll blow the whistle on him.

John demands to know what Todd has done with his mystery guest. He realizes that Jessica was faking cramps to distract the police right before Todd throws him out. John gets back to his office in time to catch Blair leaving him a note. He tells her that he only woman he found was Todd’s housekeeper but she seems to be in on the secret. They agree to give up their Todd obsession and head back to his apartment.

Inside the Mendorra Palace, Antonio, Cristian and Sarah split up to search for Talia who is still rejecting the advances of her husband. Cris and Sarah overhear Carlo threatening Talia’s friends if she doesn’t comply with his wishes. When Jonas tries to put the moves on his wife, she knocks him to the ground sending him straight to Carlo to deal with her. Talia is happy that Antonio has come to her rescue but Carlo interrupts the reunion. Talia lures Carlo into her room then knocks him out while Cris and Sarah do the same to Jonas.

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