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You Say Goodbye I Say Hello - Recap for Monday, August 25, 2008

OLTL Episode Recap


You Say Goodbye I Say Hello - Recap for Monday, August 25, 2008

Rex Balsom

Copyrighted by ABC Daytime, 2008
As Rex gets ready to ship out to Vietnam, a man looking just like Brody marches up and kisses Gigi. Brody, as Ned, insists that Gigi is his girl until Emma shows up. Gigi tries to convince Rex to make a run for it before he leaves, but Rex insists that he can’t mess up Bo’s life. Before Rex can get on the bus, Gigi tells him he has to fight to come home to Shane because he is their son.

Brody schedules a paternity test for him and Shane. When Shane becomes concerned that the test is needed because Gigi isn’t coming home, Brody assures him that it is just to make sure no one can take them away from each other. When the doctor tells the two that they are ready to take samples, Brody convinces the tech to use their toothbrushes, using Rex’s as his own.

Bo tells Clint he feels better after his visit to the ranch but doesn’t understand why. Bo is surprised when Dallas shows up and is happy to see him. Nora is irritated to hear Clint and Dallas reminiscing about Asa wanting the two married. Her agitation grows when Dallas announces her plan to extend her stay in Llanview. Nora gives Dallas the card for a realtor while Bo wonders how Clint let Dallas get away.

Tess opens Todd’s front door to find John with a search warrant. As John starts up the stairs, Tess clutches her stomach and cries out in pain to distract the police. Tess insists that she doesn’t need an ambulance while Todd’s bodyguard whisks Marty away. When John gets upstairs, he finds Janet in the room where Marty had been. Seeing the guard come in the front door, Tess sneaks off to find the mystery guest herself.

Antonio, Cristian and Sarah find themselves lost in Mendorra. Sarah and Cris try to keep Antonio cool as he stresses about not finding Talia. As Cris and Tonio plan what to do with Carlo, Sarah reads an article in the paper stating that Talia has yet to be seen since the wedding.

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