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I Deux - OLTL Recap for Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Daily OLTL Recaps


The priest and rabbi are waiting for any objections. First Todd’s cell phone ringer goes off and, then Blair and Dorian come bursting in. Dorian points out the obvious that Nora and Bo should be getting married and that Viki belonged with Clint. Blair eventually gets Dorian to pipe down. The wedding continues without anymore interruptions. Todd shows concern for Blair’s safety which makes Tea jealous. Before Blair goes the reception she waits till everyone has left the church to have a heart to heart with herself. She declares that Todd shouldn’t be with Tea. Dorian remains completely knocked out on the pew. Todd catches up with Tea at the reception and acts childlike to gain her love and respect. The newlyweds have their first dance. Nora looks at Bo while dancing with Clint. Later in the night Bo dances with Nora. Nora tells him that she never thought she have the Buchanan name again. When it’s time to throw the bouquets, both Tea and Blair catch one.

Jessica goes to drop off her bouquet at Nash’s grave and thinks she sees Nash again. A mystery person continues to watch Jessica. Shane questions Rex about getting rid of Stacy. Rex has no other choice but to tell Shane the truth that his aunt Stacy is pregnant with his baby. Shane thinks Rex is going to leave him and his mom to be with Stacy and the new child. Rex promises him that he isn’t leaving them. Gigi has a fight with Stacy about her terminating her pregnancy. Stacy threatens to call Rex to tell him. Gigi makes her put the phone down. Stacy tells Gigi that Rex is going to leave her and her bratty son. Gigi tells her to never talk about Shane that way. Stacy throws Gigi and her money out. Stacy is preparing for bed and starts having pain. She collapses on the floor and calls 911. The EMTs arrive and find Stacy on the floor bleeding. Gigi goes home and finds out that Rex couldn’t wait for her to tell Shane. Stacy tries to call Rex but he turns off his phone. Gigi tells Rex that she went over to Stacy’s to tell her to get an abortion.

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