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Test Patterns- OLTL Recap for Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Daily OLTL Recaps


Test Patterns- OLTL Recap for Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cristian and Layla

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2009
Cristian gets a surprised visit from Layla. She comes by with Adeeza and tells Cristian while she was walking her she couldn’t stop thinking of Talia. Later, Layla informs Cristian that she’s out of work because Adriana sold her business and she’s decide to move back to Maryland to assist her mother with Evangeline. Cristian tries to cheer Layla up by making her express her feelings on canvass and they begin bonding. Cristian asks if she really needed to leave but, Layla tells him she doesn’t have any other options. While at the rehab center Starr and Cole talk briefly about the night before and Starr questions Cole if he remembered what he said to her. Although Cole couldn’t recall Starr ceases to hold back and tells him she couldn’t remember either. Rachael scolds Cole for missing out on his drug test and threatens him that he had better pass the one he was about to be given. Rachael is overjoyed when the results come back clean and questions him about what changed and Cole tells her about Starr.

While Rex is in a deep sleep; he dreams about how Shane was in remission for six months and that he and Gigi were going to get married. Stacy creeps into the bed next to him and Rex grabs her thinking it was Gigi. Gigi has the same exact dream as Rex and gets awakened by Shane, who insists on attending school. He asks his mother whose fault it was that broke her and Rex up and Gigi replies neither. Gigi decides to call Rex about working out a plan for him to see Shane and Stacy answers. Gigi is appalled to find her sister staying with Rex. Rex goes to visit Gigi to plan a time for Rex to spend with Shane when they get into a fight about who slept with whom. Gigi slips and tells Rex that Stacy would have been able to stay with her if she didn’t slip Rex a mickey and then clears it up that in the heat of the argument she made a mistake. Rex grows doubtful and then tells her of the dream he had. After realizing they had the same dream they begin to kiss. Shane goes to his father’s place to find Stacy there. Confiding in Stacy he questions her about whose fault it was for his parents break up. Stacy tells him it was his mother’s fault and Shane throws a frame of him and his parents onto floor.

Kyle blackmails Roxy into giving him a room rent free in order for him to remain quiet about John Doe. Schuyler persuades a nurse to sneak into the lab to find out the truth about Stacy’s stem cells. He continues to believe she’s lying and wants to help her wean off of Rex. Just when he stumbles onto something Starr enters the lab to find out the results of her and Cole’s baby. Covering up he tells her he’s finishing up some research. Starr apologizes to him and tells him that things have gotten better with her and Cole. Cole arrives at the lab and finds Starr with Schuyler. She later tells him that her obsession with Dr. J was over. Kyle sees Schuyler leaving the lab and grows suspicious. Eagerly anticipating their daughter’s test results, Kyle tells them that from the baby’s hair sample that was tested wasn’t theirs.

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